Sunday, December 7, 2014

Vintage muscle god from Canada - Claude Groulx


  1. I think he looks great, when you consider these are old photos by todays standards he's still pretty good - shows what a good job he did.
    This picture is my favourite
    Amazing physique, perfectly complimented with tight posers

    Here he is large and ripped, and is almost bursting through his posers. Amazingly hot photo, thanks M.

  2. amzing massive sex and handsome ! Claude Groulx is a sex muscle beast he has one of the most perfect bodies I've ever seen

  3. Claude Groulx look like a Muscle Male Model ! so beautiful and hot ! i love his Killer quad
    I did his leg workout exercise . I felt my legs exploding After all regular back squats do heavy work the hips, glutes, and hamstrings.

  4. he´s just gorgeous.oh man check out those massive legs and hamistrings how about that torso ?
    i love the golden age of bodybuilding 80 and 90´s !
    where is he now?????

  5. os touros vintage são os melhores mesmo fodaço esse Claudie PUTA PERNAS ! peitoral insano bicepes do caralho na foto 16 tá um puta monstro gostoso

  6. Muscle monster no doubt! his body is very well built Shoulders Biceps Quads Calves but his Glutes are not very oversized like the rest of the body

    please ID ?? WHO ´S HE?

    1. ID

    2. omg! fuck yahh i also love that hairy muscle beast and his big pecs they are gorgeous gluteus !
      Claude Groulx is a king of legs ! he´s a good looking guy nice bllue eyes

  7. ele tá muito gostoso nessa sunga amarela e que coxas o filha da puta tem que vontade puxar essa sunga com meus dentes e lamber essas coxas e panturrilhas filhas da puta ! os ombros são animalecos e cade ele sumiu do cenario do fisiculturismo?

  8. AWESOME Canadian Stallion ! their breasts would give to feed a camel and his calves are massive like Mamooth!
    Furthermore he is a very handsome Guy i´d like to see recent photo of him
    Claude Groulx is a perfect specime of Male