Friday, December 19, 2014

European brutal muscles part 3

Petar Klancir-Croatia
Lorenzo Filippi-Italy
Ahmad Ahmad-Sweden
Marian Cambal-Slovakia
Roman Fritz-Germany
Thomas Askeland-Norway
Magnus Samuelsson-Iceland
Armand Marku-Albania
Ralph Delcelis-Malta
Mirsad Terzo-Bosnia
Besim Trena-Kosovo
Zoran Kolevski-Macedonia
Soren Moller-Denmark
Ronan Doherty-Ireland
Raul Maghiar-Romania
Srdjan Vukicevic-Montenegro
Zack Khan-UK
Milos Mlinarevic-Serbia


  1. Think #3 may just be the BEST!!! Magnus would be #1 for me. Check out those green posers, think he's excited too.

  2. Petar Klancir is the belst european muscle bull in my opinion!!!! then comesZack Khan Lorenzo Filippi is an italian stud what are those pecs? wooofffff

  3. fuck yeahh what a muscle bulls Srdjan Vukicevic is very dense massive and hot i want this guy for me!!! i love his chest trapz arms ..... Petar Klancir is a beautiful male specimen croatia always producing great bodybuilders bulls
    a special attention to Mirsad Terzo what a man!!!!!!!!

  4. Damn! incredible quads Petar Klancir and Raul Maghiar from Romania
    these motherfuckers that can’t even turn to wipe their ass”
    please adimn Petar Klancir´s glutes!!!!

  5. Lorenzo Filippi the biggest boobs in the bodybuilder world did he put silicone in the breasts?
    Srdjan Vukicevic is another big-breasts guy i love his muscles Jezzus! this guy of Montenegro make me so wet What a fantastic body!

    1. WOW!!!! Srdjan Vukicevic is just the most handsome men on this planet HE´S SO BULKED MUSCLED !! I'd love to milk his muscle tits more more Srdjan please !!!!!
      Raul Maghiar is a hot mucle baby i love it too!!!
      the beauty of European men is unquestionable

  6. they are all muscular gods
    Petar Klancir is top # 1 he´s a big monster with frak shoulders huge arms and horse legs
    Zoran Kolevski has huges quads
    Ronan Doherty i love his super sexy mustache
    Raul Maghiar that boy has a great future
    Lorenzo Filippi is a muscle beast check out that big breast
    great post

  7. Europe the home of many good bodybuilders, I can see why you dedicated 3 posts to them.
    Petar Klancir - is quite spectacular, he has size, symmetry and density (and he's bald) - a knockout combination.
    Lorenzo Fillipi - is pure sex.
    Marian Kambal - is classy.
    Roman Fritz - is very good, conditioned, symmetrical, dense musculature and posses with a great attitude on stage. He also continues to improve steadily.
    Magnus Samuellson - has a nice bulge in those posers.
    Soren Moller - Like Roman Fritz, but smaller, and also improves.
    Ronan Doherty - Very symmetrical, and reasonable size.