Sunday, December 14, 2014

Muscle giants of Africa

JD Dawodu-Nigeria
Lionel Beyeke-Cameroon
Angolan muscle gods
Big Ramy-Egypt
Eddie Abbew-Ghana
Mohamed Touri-Morocco
Marius Dohne-South Africa
José Didier-Angola
Anwar Elsayed-Egypt
Ali Fakhari-Morocco
Georges Okie-Cameroon
Jimmy Raynald -Mauritius
Hassan Juma-Somalia
Dominic Durueke-Nigeria
Mohamed Salama-Egypt
Andrew Hudson -South Africa
Mohamed Slimani-Algeria
Tyrone Ogedegbe
Mike Asiedu-Ghana
Clemente Osmany-Angola
Denis Ayen-Mauritius
Alhadie Aziz-Lybia
Bru Giovani-Mauritius
Mohamed Zakari-Egypt
Mohamed Benaziza-Algeria
Pedro Pitchu-Angola
Sami Ibrahim-Egypt
Said Anadiff-Morocco
Silvio Samuel-Nigeria
Salahedin Abufanas-Lybia
Aziz Jalali-Morocco
Vusumzi Nisijane-South Africa
Dennis Mulbah-Liberia


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    Dennis Mulbah is Nature operating at its finest level through human evolution! That's why we all find it so fascinating
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  4. PUTA QUE PARIU OS EGIPICIOS SÃO OS MAI GOSTOSOS Big Ramy Mohamed Salama e Sami Ibrahim esses cara tem uma genetica fodaça olha os ombros do Mohamed Salama um touraço tem até as castanhas de touro

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  8. Egypt and South Africa remain the unchallenged giants of African bodybuilding, with Nigeria, Angola and Ghana following for the smaller nations.
    M, you left out Louis Bessinger of South Africa.

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    Alhadie Aziz and Salahedin Abufanasc are handsome i love Lebanese are very sexy and masculine
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