Thursday, December 18, 2014

European brutal muscles part 2

Miha Zupan-Slovenia
Szymon Lada-Poland
Antonio Furic-Croatia
Jeno Kiss
Dimitar Dimitrov-Bulgaria
Paata Petriashivili-Georgia
Viacheslav Pilikov-Russia
Mika Nyyssola-Finland
Clarence De Vis-Belgium
Ott Kiivikas-Estonia
Hermanis Plisko-Latvia
Dainius Barzinskas-Lithuania
Dalibor Hajek-Czech Republic
Manolis Karamanlakis-Greece


  1. So Hot Miha Zupan´s dick is visible in his blue trunks! Manolis Karamanlakis is a alpha male god spilled all the perfection on this guy your pecs looks like a pair of tits
    I love to suck it

  2. a great team of brutal muscle beasts
    Antonio Furic the best butt
    Paata Petriashivili is a real muscle bull i love his symmetrically sculpted upper torso,massive body and tits
    Viacheslav Pilikov Insane Shoulders & Trapz

  3. Szymon Lada what a stud !!! Szymon looks like a horse with a incredible density and symmetry. Dimitar Dimitrov is appetiznig, Antonio Furic LET ME EAT THAT BUTT LOL ..
    Dalibor Hajek I want my dick between his boobs
    Paata Petriashivili and Viacheslav Pilikov are handsome bulked and 2 hot kind of male I would love to have in my bed.

  4. Antonio Furic- has a interesting specimen's superior gluteal muscle development.
    Viacheslav Pilikov- in my opinion it has the hottest muscle glutes and thighs
    Manolis Karamanlakis- the best chest
    Hermanis Plisko -has the most defined and ripped body
    Paata Petriashivili is the most handsome of them all I need to see their glutes
    hey blogger why you do not load more gluteos?

  5. Dios mio Bueno la verdad,que tales piernas oleé quiero masagear esos cuerpos y esos penes y tsticulos

  6. Dalibor Hajek´s pecs are fuckin hot !
    OMG! I'd love to devour the huge quads of Viacheslav Pilikov he is a beffcake i think Paata Petriashivili , Hermanis Plisko and Manolis Karamanlakis are the sexiest bodybuilders in this edition
    Paata Petriashivili is my dream of consumption he´s hot manly sexy wofffff

  7. Dalibor Hajek is true a muscle God Word cannot describe how much i wish it was me fucking those hot pecs. my fav muscle daddies are
    Paata Petriashivili
    Hermanis Plisko
    Jeno Kiss

  8. puta que pariu esse paata petriashivili e viacheslav pilikov tem um corpo do caralho muito freak esses putos europeus são monstros mesmo
    faltou os gostoso do alexey letosviski vi uma foto dele todo peludo na net muito tesudo.
    to louco pra saber as proximas postagens faz um indiviudal desses gostosos Marcelão

  9. Dalibor Hajek Mika Nyyssola and Viacheslav Pilikov Mmmmmnnnn these super muscle dudes are hot as fuck Viacheslav has enormous quads . Antonio Furic´s ASS Mmmnnn
    i ´d love worship his succulent butt

  10. Out of this post, my favourites would Szymon Lada (Poland), Miha Zupan (Slovenia) and Manolis Karamanlakis (Greece).
    Szymon for his symmetry.
    Miha for his razor sharp conditioning and good symmetry.
    Manolis for his having full muscles and an awesome bulge to match his super-manly face.

  11. Szymon Lada , Dalibor Hajek, Viacheslav Pilikov and Manolis Karamanlakis I would love to wear my tongue out on these guys