Friday, December 12, 2014

Asian beasts

Korean muscles
Amron Herzlya-Israel
Ali Hani-Jawad Durgham- Iraq
Yusuf Saki-Afghanistan
Atif Anwar - Pakistan
Wong Hong-Malaysia
Jo Nam Eun-South Korea
Panupong Prateep-Thailand
Hsu Chiao Hao-Taiwan
Hiroki Kuwabara-Japan
Yantai Xin Jian -China
Hadi Choopan-Iran
Sangram Chougule-India
Chanaka Peter-Sri Lanka
Ken Yasuda - Japan
John Andrew Cifra-Philippines
Jay Tam
Hwang Chul Soon-South Korea
Ariel Guong -Philippines
Yoshinori Yamamoto-Japan
Lee Seungcheol-South Korea
An Nguyen - Vietnam
Albin Remitares-Philippines
Hidetada Yamagishi-Japan
Masoom Butt-Pakistan


  1. Hsu Chiao Hai and Hidetada Yamagishi are hot as Fuck ! Asian have a fuck genetic for legs and glutes

    1. Hsu Chiao Hai is the most handsome asian stud in my opinion omg he´s so beautiful and sexy!!

    2. Sim !! Hsu Chiao Hai é um tourasso asiatico que filha da puta gostoso corpo insano uma máquina esse boy merece uma postagem só dele

    3. what a beasts ! Hwang Chul Soon and Hsu Chiao
      these guys are a true beast.....loaded with muscle and strength.
      Ken Yasuda He truly is built like a bull......
      Wong Hong He has magnificent quads....I can imagine the size of their glutes dammmmmmmmm

  2. Wong Hong and Jo Nam Eun both have crazy Killer Quads ! the hottest guy is Hadi Choopan from Iran wooff what a man!
    these Asians son of bitch are perfect

  3. Extremely gorgeous! John Andrew Cifra has a massive Horse legs and muscle body too!
    Wong Hong , Hidetada Yamagishi Brutal Butt & Thigh I need to know what are their leg workout

  4. Lee Seungcheol (South Korea) is gorgeous but I prefer Arabs Ali Hani and Jawad Durgham
    ( Iraq) Hadi Choopan is the hottest arab bodybuilder !!! I can smell your testosterone Mmmmmmmm

  5. the bodybuilder Hsu Chiao Hai is perfect ! handsome and muscled. japanese and chinase men are very handsome i love it! Hidetada Yamagishi has a sensational body huge legs trapz and muscle butt
    Jo Nam Eun and Wong Hong has amazig monster quads they seem to be real brothers

  6. dammmmmm Asians are Totally agree.
    Hsu Chiao Hao and John Andrew these 2 mother fuckers makes my mouth water!
    japanese chinese and korean guys are a huge specimen of man And once he pulls out his hard cock and spreads his muscled ass cheeks I will get lost in the hotness of this stud
    could you upload Hsu Chiao Hao and John Andrew?

  7. Sangram Chougule from India is the best bodybuilder ever!!! I would suck his wet cock anytime he wanted
    thank you for the wonderful, sexy blog.

    1. yeahh i just love Idian Bulls like Sangram Chougule he´s very manly and sexy
      i´d love to milk him

  8. I liked the way you covered the entire Asian continent, from the West ie Arabia to Japan and all points in between.

    My favorites were :
    Wong Hong - Malaysia: Solid and symmetrical. Great jaw line.
    Jo Name Eun - South Korea, respectable symmetry, but so much dense muscle - he's great to look at, and see all that manly beef.
    Panupong Prateep - Thailand, very classy.
    John Andrew Ciffra - Philippines, dense, symmetrical, shredded - very good.
    An Nguyen - Vietnam, good symmetry, size and conditioning.

  9. Hsu Chiao Hao is from Taiwan, not China!