Saturday, December 20, 2014

Muscle monsters from Oceania

Lee Priest-Australia
Grant Pieterse-New Zealand
Tevita Aholelei-Tonga
Mike Debenham-New Zealand
Simi Tufunga-Tonga
Sammy Ioannidis-Australia
Salah Ibraham & Sam Mohammed-New Zealand
John Terilli-Australia
Oscar Dexter-Tahiti
Gary Wright-Australia
Luke Timms-Australia
Steve Orton-New Zealand
Con Demetriou-Australia
Scott Goble-Australia
Luke Schembri-Australia
Darryn Onekawa-New Zealand
Jake Nikopoulos-Australia
Moe Elmoussawi-New Zealand
Joshua Lenartowicz-Australia


  1. Steve Orton ´s butt !! wofffffffff. he´s just gorgeous. i would do anything he would want me to. How I'd like to put my hands on it, touch it, grab it and worship his glutes. please more big giant glutes !
    Lee Priest is a legend he´s my beloved austrlalian bodybuilder very beautiful guy

  2. i just love bodybuilders from oceania ! Lee Priest is my idol he´s handsome and sexy as always Sam Mohammed and Joshua Lenartowicz both have great legs
    but my fav is Steve Orton FUCKIN GOD what a ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  3. yummnn Con Demetriou and Steve Orton have A piece of ass that'll wet his dick I only trust people who like big butts.
    hey adim image 12 is this image real or morphed? steve has incredible glute and hamistrings

  4. John Terilli and Oscar Dexter (Tahiti) have a great volume and density of the muscles
    Sammy Ioannidis has a good definition of pecs. OMGF but nothing compares to Lee Priest the king of muscles !!
    p.s i want a post about Oscar Dexter and John Terilli

  5. i´d love Steve Orton´s butt burried in my face Fuck yeah ! it drive us all crazy !
    Oscar Dexter lookl like a amazing ass too i´d like dove my face between his sweaty butt cheeks, peeking out his hole!

  6. Lee Priest e Moe Elmoussawi gostosos pra caralho esse puto nunca posou nu? o con demetriu ja mostrou ate o rabo dele em pornografia bodybuilding
    agora a bunda do Steve Orton puta que pariu vai ser cavaludo assim na casa de carallho
    ta pedindo pra ser dedado essa puto
    outro que parece ser muito gostoso é esse Oscar Dexter faz um poster bem sensual desse sacana Marcelo vai!!

  7. M, I didn't think you'd have a special section for Oceania as they are relatively small in number and usually get lumped into the rest of Asia as Australasia.
    I think their standard is the most consistent from all the continents. The Australians have produced quite a number of decent bodybuilders, my favs among them are Luke Timms, and Abraham Elzabaik (you forgot him I think).
    Jake Nikololpoulos, Lenartowitz, Schembri,Goble and Dimitriou are all very good.
    The amazing Lee Priest.
    New Zealand with Mike Debenham and the amazing Steve Orton - are stand outs.
    Oscar Dexter - is another good guy.
    I've met Sammy Ioannidis, he's a really decent bloke, he owns a gym in Northern suburbs of Melbourne, and he has still have stand out physique.

    I'd say Oceania, has to be among one of my favourites, thanks M.

  8. Steve Orton's huge muscle ass is unbelievably sexy!