Wednesday, December 17, 2014

European brutal muscles part 1

Darren Ball-Uk
Serdar Aktolga-Turkey
Avramis Kyriakou-Cyprus
Anton Breznik-Austria
Alexandre Nataf-France
Alexey Shabunya-Belarus
Dennis Wolf-Germany
Oleksandr Slobodyanuyk
Rob Reinaldo-Portugal
Wesley Gasparotto-Italy
Fernando Olloz-Switzerland
Martin Kjellstrom-Sweden
Roelly Winklaar -Holland
Paco Bautista-Spain


  1. wofff ! Freak handsome and Massive i love Paco Bautista´s legs he looks like a spanish Bull

  2. Amazing Europeans...these guys display the vast variety of ethic beauty among Europeans...from Nordic to Southern Europe. beasts one and all...

  3. Holy fuck IT´S incredible a lot of lots of muscle beasts full of Male testosterone
    Darren Ball
    Roelly Winklaar
    Paco Bautista
    these guys have the best killer quads i´ve seen
    Alexandre Nataf has the juiced pecs MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

    1. Yeah ALEXANDRE NATAF has a beautiful gynecosmatia , ROELLY WINKLLAR has perfect pecs love it when guys can move one boob at a time
      It would be heavenly to have those pecs have against my face
      PACO BAUTISTA damm there is no other bodybuilder as gorgeous as PACO
      those lower limbs are enormous

  4. Europeans bodybuilders are fucking handsome. Martin Kjellstrom Dennis Wolf Alexey Shabunya 3 examples of nordic beauty Alexey Shabunya is my kind of male beauty
    he´s a muscle baby blond ! i just love his quads and trapz

  5. I like more muscular Ogres as serdar aktolga , martin kjellstrom and oleksandr slobodyanuyk
    check out pic #2 Serdar Aktolga exposing his muscle legs and gluteus medius
    Darren Ball no one has commented about his hot exposed DICK! WOOFF

  6. bando de monstros do caralho! olha as coxas insanas do Darren Ball e o Paco bautista nem se fala meu irmão puta coxas já o Roelly Winklaar é completo tem tudo peitoral bicepes ombros muito insanos comeria todos eles principalmente esse Anton Breznik sexy pra caralho!!!!!!!!

  7. It’s ALL About Looking Muscle Huge! with out doubt europeans men are the most beautiful an massive men of the world!!!! they´re my fav bodybuilders

    Marcelo who´s this handsome european guy? pure testosterone

  8. Paco Bautista and his bull´s Anatomy . .. Yeah, he is a bull of a man with a nice butt.
    Serdar Aktolga What an ass! he has a Muscle ripped legs

    1. paco bautista is hot as fuck god spilled all the perfection on this guy ! look at those fucker legs abs and pecs! Alexey Shabunya has the most beautiful face at post

  9. Darren Ball and Paco Bautista these muscle bulls drive me crazy i love their dicked bulge. Alexey Shabunya and Dennis Wolf my favourite blond bulls I Love Natural Skintone golden white of the Dennis Wolf

  10. Darren Ball, is unbelievably manly - especially when his body hair re-grows.
    Paco for his magnificent legs.
    Shabunya for his x-ray blue eyes and hot muscle.
    Dennis Wolf for his size, though he has now been dwarfed by Egypt's Rahmy.
    That's one of the best shots of seen of Roelly Winklaar, his muscles look to full.
    Martin Kjellstrom, bald muscular and masculine