Thursday, December 11, 2014

Brutal Russian monsters

Sergey Basarov
Mikhail Sidorychev
Pavel Fateev
Sergey Shelestov
Dennis Burmistrov
Alexey Lesukov
Alexey Tronov
Alexander Eskin
Alexander Kolyasnikov
Alexandr Fedorov
Alexander Kodsoev
Rustam Dgabrailov
Arkady Velichko
Arkady Kartashev

Roman Prochenko
Yuri Leonov

Andrey Sorokin
Sergey Zicuncov

Sergey Zebald


  1. Mikhail Sidorychev the hottes muscle bull of this post
    Sergey Shelestov and Alexander Kolyasnikov the best quads !!
    Alexey Lesukov my favourite big monster ridiculously freak

  2. With out doubt Russian are the big beefed muscle men on the heart
    Mikhail Sidorychev is huge like a beffed Bull
    Roman Prochenko is a great horse check out guys his crotch dick and bulge on trunk
    Fuck yeahhhh!

  3. OMG! they´re Gorgeous and Massive the beauty of Russian is unquestionable.......I choose Sergey Zicuncov this guy is a hot big Russian daddy Andrey Sorokin and Alexey Lesukov of course are hot too!

  4. Alexey Lesukov AND Mikhail Sidorychev Two amazing bodybuilders that worship and take advantage of e.o. Both guys have huge torso's with hard pecs, tasty hard nipples, ripped abs, strong mighty male legs, beautiful Adonis lines, a firm full hard ass, Great to see two real men enjoy the body of someone of their own sex. Love the kissing, the cock sucking, ass eating and the rough ass pounding. Great guys, both of them!

  5. Dammmmm ! Roman Prochenko and Alexander Kolyasnikov´s GROINS wooff it's too hot i´d love to spend my tongue in those sweaty groins.
    Sergey Zicuncov looks a big ass hey webmaster load pics of his Booty !

  6. Monsters one and all...

  7. Where do I sign up to be alexander fedorov 's fucking bitch? He is hot!
    exotic male beauty
    how about alexey lesukov it needs to get fucked on camera soon . I so wanna munch on that hot bubble ass and tear it up i just love that mamooth body !!!

  8. gostosos!! fisiculturistas Russos são tesudos pra caralho a sunga do Roman Prochenko tá a mais escrota da pra ver até o pênis desse Safado
    esses mikhail sidorychev , pavel fateev e o sergey shelestov são 3 touros coxudos do caralho
    muito foda esse post e qual teu touro Russo preferido Marcelão?

  9. Jesus fucking Christ! What a divine stalions! Alexander Kolyasnikov and Roman Prochenko look like small dick as small pencil I LOVE IT ! Alexander ´s crotch give me a boner he has amazingly beautiful blue eyes!

  10. Damn, those Russian boys are fuckin' hot! It's just a shame they live in a country whose president is an evil scumbag. I think we should liberate them.

  11. Hot russian builders with visible penis line ! Roman Prochenko HEAD DICK is hot as hell
    I like these so much
    I have to admit that even though the Arabs are more hot and sexy the Russians are the most beautiful and massive bodybuilders on the planet
    Mikhail Sidorychev and his sexy tongue out tease me
    I want a post of each oh them please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I liked
    Sergey Basarov - good overall development and symmetry.
    Dennis Burmistrov, Alexey Tronov, - are genetically blessed.
    Alexandr Fedorov - is a step up from the others.
    Yuri Leonov - a very sexy daddy.
    Sergey Zicunov - looks almost Brazilian with his sex appeal, a very handsome individual.
    Arkady Velichko - is my absolute muscle favorite from Russia. He's a total muscle beast, I'm surprised no one has commented on his amazing muscle development. He looks so strong and masculine, for me he is off the charts. All the other (very good bodybuilders) in this post from Russia seem like minnows. He is the shark in ocean. He looks as if he could tie knots in barbells. More pics of him would be fantastic.
    Thanks M for a great post.

  13. Fedorov and Sebald should Be called in for Military voenkomat to Be examined and ANALyzed very thouroughly and deeply by severe,old-fashioned Army docs! Bend over! Now cough! Again louder! Finally a sperm probe is needed to create more russian ubermen!!!

  14. O Andrey Sorokin é lindo,forte um tesão!

  15. Pics id. 24/25..please!