Sunday, February 4, 2018

UK supermen

                                Dave Titterton

Jordan Peters

Lee Powell

Justin Trollope

Dean Lesiak

Jamo Nezzar

Luke Ayling

James Fleming

Martin Stevenson

Lee Harding

Mark Joyce

Mark Getty

Mark Higgins

Michael O'Hanlon

Shane Copley

Wayne Niemiec

Micquel Wright

Jordan Gomes

James Shelmerdine

Jamie Do Rego

Andrew Pickering


  1. I hope you've enjoyed the UK Muscle Special which ends tomorrow with King Dorian.

    1. Dorian yates fuckable the horniest Brit king Bull ever! My dick cream about Dorian

    2. Adorei caralhei horrores com os espécimes machos britanicos espero que coloque fotos bem eróticas e imorais do Dorian com o título de tourao branco britanico touro rei e com direito a moon pose imagina a lua branca de Dorian na sua cara puta que pariu! Ah e deixa rolando uns 2 dias pra bombar de comentarios

  2. Jordan peters and Dean leseak are the hottest
    Omg British guys are beautiful!
    Slat splat

  3. Holy fuck a lot of UK daddies Bulls! Amazing team
    Jamie do Rego is Young and muscle is he portuguese or brazilian ?
    He look like a brazilian male spiecm

    1. I assume Jamie do Rego and Jordan Gomes are of Portuguese ancestry, when I was in the UK I came across a few Portuguese workers there.

  4. Fucking Jesus! Fucking God!
    Bastards Brits mothafuckers
    Jordan gomes and his sweaty big Ass i want my tongue in that ass

  5. Marcello. Who could have imagined just over a month ago, when 2018 was as young as a suckling new born babe, I was putting my thoughts down about gruffy roided Welsh short arse , James Flex Lewis! Now, and 25 comments later - amounting to just over a month's worth of the best British Bulls, this is nearly ending, with a pantheon of some of the hottest beefiest eye candy one can shake a stick at, or indeed spunk rope after rope of man protein over!
    It's a pedigree herd of muscle oxen and they are all fucking sensational, but my absolute favs have to be most-muscular feind - Mark Getty, chieftan tank made flesh - Jordan Peters, collective baldy buggers - Justin Trollope, James Fleming, Shane Copley, Martin Stevenson and Lee Powell, Super roid daddy (love the great pics of him wearing flip flops) - James Shelmerdine and finally, (and most special to me) the incredible, most cum extractingly gorgeous, daddyesque - Dave Titterton!
    You don't know this fellas, but he and Gary Lister (Now Sir Gazza of Harworth) who are two of my favouritist bodybuilders happen to come from within about 10 square miles of where I was born! I see what they see, we drive down the same roads, we visit the same shops and speak the same regional dialect. Being a working class fella myself, they probably share a similar upbringing too. Unfortunately for me, I don't share the same type of incredible physique as they, nor lift the same weight of barbells, nor inject myself with steroids! Even so, somehow I feel like we share a connection and that is based on my fascination with their lives as bodybuilders, their manly handsomeness, an absolute love and appreciation of their almost inhuman and extreme physiques and a total respect for how they created them. As for me..a mere mortal and lifelong musclenut, all I can do to demonstrate this is to worship them, to comment about them and to continue to spunk load after load of my cum in their honour!

  6. Puta que pariu esse James Fleming e o Jordan peters são dois touros deus zebu do caralho chupava até os bagos deles outro tesudo é o daddy David Titterton que garanhao porra Marcelão é muito macho bonito na Bretanha puta que pariu esse foi o melhor especial que ja teve por que os britanicos são tão tesudos e belos ? E quando vai ser o prox especial?
    Queria asiaticos

    1. Ainda não planejei o próximo especial, eu preciso ter várias fotos de determinado grupo para fazer um.

  7. Omg they all are sensationally exciting British bulls are the best of the world i loved this special with British bodybuilders Bulls
    Ukmuscle tell me about James Flex and what means short arse? Is Flex lewis a lettle donkey? Fucking ho

  8. Short arse (ass) means he's not very tall.

  9. Somebody, please, take me to a retirement home, because I had completly forgotten about Andrew Pickering!

  10. You're forgiven Marcello. It just proves what a massive wealth of Muscle talent there is, here in Blighty!

  11. @M, that was a mega post. Many faces I knew and some where absolutely new to me. Thank you for the post and this series on British bodybuilders.
    I really liked Jordan Peters, Dean Lesiak, Jamie Do Rego, Lee Powell and Mark Joyce.
    Pickering and Niemec are well established favs.
    Thanks M.

  12. It's great to see Andy Pickering. I saw him at the nabba universe 2017 and was even fortunate enough to wish him well and shake his hand. Such a treat!

  13. Dave Titterton has been on my radar for years...he sure looks pretty fucking great in the photos...great lead off man. How does he get his cock in those tiny shiny posers? I’d be glad to help if needed....F

  14. Th whole group is Splat worthy...think I’ll get on that. UK is a total hotbed for Bodybuilding...getting the next flight over the big pond...f