Monday, February 12, 2018

Badass Spanish toro Patxi Carmona


  1. Can't say I'm loving the curve ball Euro-pop video, but understand that muscle dudes have to keep the pennies rolling in to pay for all the roids and growth hormones. So, I can forgive this gruffy muscle bull for doing a bit of off season posing, although he does look much more appealing when he's shredded and contest ready. I don't think my mate Muscleaddict will be too happy about the blue velvet understandable pet hate, especially when there's plenny of sweat shops out there churning out shiny ones! So, come on Patxi, get your big muscled arse into gear and squeeze them cheeks into something a bit more spunk inducing!

  2. More less poor legs!

  3. Pode até ter perna fina mas tem uma bunda enorme como todo macho Espanhol ne Marcelo?

  4. Is she transgender?

    1. The singer in the video does look and sound like a transgender,but maybe she's just a cis woman with a deep voice.