Friday, February 9, 2018

Brazilian brute Thiago Santisteban


  1. Too right Marcello. He is a bit of a brute..well, quite a lot of a brute I'd say! Loving the tacky, tatted, chunky chain, sunglasses look..strutting his grainy mass of muscle on that beach, totally not giving a shit what the locals think and probably scaring young children in push chairs! I'd take a bet that quite a few of the mums (and even some of the dads) were getting excited to see this gruffy roid monster let loose on the sand! Fuck me! I'd be spunking in my speedos if I happened to be on my holidays in Brazil!

    1. Brazil was a heaven a few decades ago with wild sex men but now is a Hell with a lot of violence death hungry poor people
      the politc corruption over brazil Ukmuscle
      Omg Just two comments?

  2. Fuck Roids! What a beautiful brazilian Bull !Tiago is amazing and lickable

  3. I like Thiago, he is rough and unpretentious. He has reasonable symmetry, decent body parts. The bald head and stick out ears - make him sexy in my eyes.