Thursday, February 15, 2018

The return of the wild Greek stallion Giannis Magkos


  1. Gianni is nicely muscled and is perfectly displayed in the tiny purple micro poser. Although he could stand more thickness as he does appear flat in many poses.

  2. Apenas 3 palavras
    Precisa mais alguma coisa Marcelo?

  3. Oh dad Fuck me! Giannis magkos is hot like a greek Horse!



    Just admire that fantastic roided piece of Greek Art! He’s a real Apollo with a surreal body, perfectly sculpted by the hands of a divinity! Every single detail of his body is visible under his nicely thin dick-skin! It’s like looking at an anatomy chart of the human musculature, with great enhancements obtained by his abundant intake of Steroids, Testosterone and Growth Hormones! THE DREAM!

    Like possessing those perfect features were not enough, Giannis also posses a level of vascularity absolutely Horny and making so many bodybuilders jealous of that glorious and precious quality of his! I just love outrageous vascularity on over-grown and blown-up roided muscles! Without it, it’s like the cake without icing, the winter without snow, Easter without Chocolate.

    Vascular Muscles are just RIGHT; simply the way it’s meant to be! The bigger snakes-like veins a bodybuilder has, the Better it is! Someone can NEVER have to many thick veins running all over their Big and Sexy Huge Roided Body! If I were lucky enough in life to have the chance to worship a veiny beast like Giannis, I would make sure to give love to every single vein pumping the precious blood infused with magical products to all his muscles, engorging and nourishing every single muscle fibbers!

    To had to the Perfect Body Giannis has, this outrageous Greek hunk has an attitude to match his physique! He his So Confident, Uber Cocky and so Aggressive and In Your Face! YASSS!!!!! I LOVE IT! You just can stay speechless when this Juiced-Up Freakish Greek Stallion gets on stage all tan and oiled up and shamelessly poses and parades around his artificially big and defined body for the greatest pleasure of everybody in the audience! The «TUDE» is everything! Giannis displays all at once; Beauty, Confidence, Virility and Dominance!

    Also, he has an exquisite taste in posing trunks! The shinier, the better! The color is not all, the fit is also Very Important for Giannis, just look at those Fabulous purple trunks! They leave absolutely nothing to the imagination and that’s exactly what he wants! This way, he ensures that All the attention is on him! Who could blame him for wanting all the panting eyes on his divine person!

    The first time I watched the video in which he hit a judge really turned me ON! I was to horny and excited by Giannis Magkos display of aggression! Normally, I don’t condone violence but that time, it was deserved! He was rubbed of the Victory!!

    But my point is that this Big and Beautiful Bodybuilder’s true nature came out during the altercation. The magnificent display of Pure Masculinity and Aggressiveness made me feel so Hot! I was in swoon by such dominance, naturally amplified by all the roids ingested by Giannis! The best of the best for me, I Think, was that he was wearing these glorious purple trunks during this mishap!

    I hope we will be able to see Giannis compete again because this Greek Station is Unique and I need more of him!

  5. Great sexy lean defined muscle. It would ironic if he never got to compete again after shoving a judge to the ground. The clip of the incident is everywhere on the Net.

  6. I used to find this guy hot - until I saw the video of him punching a judge because he lost and all of that hotness vanished. Absolutely disgraceful behaviour. Apparently he then got his dick out and flashed it to the judges (what an absolute fucking knob - no pun intended)! Personality and attitude go a long way for me, and play a huge part in how attractive I find someone - even shredded to buggery, roid munching bodybuilders! I hope this guy is never allowed to compete again.

    1. Please Muscleadict do you have pics of Giannis Flashing His Dick out to the judger?
      What happned? i didnt know this fact

    2. It's not shown in the video but this reports he pulls his penis out... He didn't punch him either, he bitch slapped him. Either way - fucking disgusting behaviour.

  7. I know he is the one who punched a judge to the floor by late 2016, but I can't help finding his muscles too attractive and I'm nicely surprised by that apparent erection in that last pic.

    I still remember it was said that his grabbed his cock and showed it in anger. I wish there were viual evidence of that, hehe.

    I also know he wa sbanned by the bodybuilding organization he ws compting for, but it seems he is still comepeting or at least guest posing...

    Someone should trick him into making more appearances sporting his cock fully hard under his posing suits, hehe.

    1. Does anybody think he wears particularly tiny posing suits on purpose...?