Saturday, November 4, 2017

Vote for your favorite muscle beast! Just scrool down to the end of the page and cast your vote.

Big Ramy


  1. Votem no seu atleta favorito! A pesquisa está no final da página.

  2. Good morning fellas. What a tough dilemma Marcella! It's so difficult to choose and i would much prefer all of them to come around to my place and we could all get together in an orgy of oiled up posing and muscle sex that would be any muscle worshipper's ultimate wet dream!
    I can one choose cock spunking trigger - Branch Warren say, and then realise Sexy Muscle Scouser Nathan De Asha has been left behind!? Or maybe you fancy a bit of physique sophistication and plumb for the youthful and totally gorgeous Canadian muscle spunkster Chris Bumstead , only then to realise you'll not be able to spunk your cream over the pecs of grimacing 'Muscle Buddha' Roelly Winklaar! It's all so difficult mate and if i were to do so, I feel like I'm betraying some of my bestest friends!
    I think I need some psychological intervention here! I know! Each one of them can come into my consultancy room and present themselves to me whilst I watch naked from my couch. To make it totally fair, they would oil up, pump up and flex out their favourite poses whilst I just watch and make notes on my scientific note pad, armed only with a magnifying glass for more detailed analysis and ...oh yes wearing my trusty cock and ball strap, leather harness and vibrating butt plug shoved up my ass for good measure too!

  3. Omg what a lot of Muscle beasts!
    My favourit are Roelly and Big ramy i'd love to milk Those 2 fucking beef Bulls

  4. Holy fuck! Its a difficult choice all This mothafuckers are beautiful but no doubt Hadi chopan is the hottest men alive
    Then Roelly and Natan de asha

  5. Oh Fucckk! HAREM OF BULLS!
    The persian Bull Hadi make me wet total arouse my vote is to Hadi but Roelly and Branch Warren give a boner too

  6. Gods of Olympus is a real Team of Musclegods!!
    Big Ramy and Branch Warren sexy motherfuckers !! check ou those fucking big Bull legs and about Roelly winklaar that nigga have a great sexxyappeal and a killer ass
    Ahmad Ahmad exudes testosterone a real muscle Arab stallion
    I choose Hadi Choppan because he is a he is among the most beautiful men who ever lived.

  7. puta que pariu muito doido queria fazer uma orgia com todos eles isso sim que corpos só a nata adorei a ideia da votação poderia fazer isso a cada 1 mes muito bom essas brincadeiras muito bom
    os mais tesudos e sexy
    Roeely winklaar
    Big Ramy
    Ahmad Ashkanani

  8. Big Rammy's got fucking Rhino DNA or something... Jesus christ .... im a big fan of Hadi Choopan too Hadi is so big and for me One day I hope some musky macho like Hadi stud will fuck the shit out of me too
    Big Rami is the King !

  9. These guys Roelly and Big Ramy fuck the shit out ... they're young and might have got some kind of new drugs.
    Best bodybuilder of all time is Ronnie Coleman but in this list I choose Branch Warren

  10. Roelly Beast Winklaar and Ahmad Ashkanani are the Best!! THE MOST FUCKABLE BODYBUILDERS !!

  11. wow Roelly Winklaar ganhando disparado na liderança O Bodybuilder favorito vencedor vai voltar com um post só dele daqui ha 5 dias?
    porra Marcelo só pra atiçar os leitores coloca assim o ganhador voltara com post inedito e fotos super sexy só pra atiçar os leitores vai porra e deixa esse post ate terça na entrada

  12. How does one select from a menu of perfection. I really thought I’d go for the best posers, so Paulo would have to be the winner...never saw such splendid posers....but ultimately I had to vote for all about that amazing ass...F