Sunday, November 26, 2017

American Goliath Branden Ray


  1. Omg what a fucking hot Black Bull
    Black is beautiful

  2. Branden Ray is really dense and symmetrical, great ebony finish. Good legs, his rear shots are excellent - the thickness in his back and those rear delts, thick legs and decent calves make him stand out from the also-rands. I'm undecided about his tache and beard. He rocks.

  3. Que malão gostoso, me deu água na boca!

  4. The GORGEOUS Black guy can sit on my face FOREVER,With that AWESOME Hairy ass,,,,Only getting off to force his MASTERPIECE of a Cock down my throat....And make me swallow his load,,,,,WILLINGLY.... Branden Ray, is PERFECTION

    1. Omg oceej we are Hungry for Black meat the Black Bull odor tease me so much hey oceej tell me about Black guys from england . I think the french Black very atractive a lot of them are african how about
      British Black stud idris elba Omg we brazilians love idris elba Mmmmm
      Ah Daniel Graic too!

    2. Wow Daniel Craig and Idris Elba David Beckham Doctor who
      Prince Harris Daniel rideclife ...British men are one of the
      most beautiful men of the planet congratulations Oceej

    3. prince harry and his White red skin hot as fuck!
      Say Oceej i m obcessed i have a sexual fetiche for Queen's Guardw what did i do to fuck one?

    4. @Eduardo - black British guys - are either of Caribbean descent or African or a mixture of both. Some are cool and have a British manner, some try to copy the African-American culture too much.
      Brazilians love 'James Bond', - who would have thought.
      @Zoltan Furry, I agree British men are really attractive and if they 'work out' are usually well built ie muscular.
      @Manollo, don't know about the Queen's guard, sorry I can't help you with that.

    5. Oceej, Brazilians love James Bond so much that we even have a bodybuilder named James Bondi:

    6. @M, the only difference is that he is a bodybuilder and in my eyes a whole lot more sexually attractive. He has a good 'X' shape and flared quads and is very hard and vascular - a hot guy.
      This is a revelation to know that Brazilians even know or care about '007' aka James Bond - thanks for sharing M.