Thursday, November 30, 2017

The return of the massive bull from UAE Essa Obaid


  1. Just a quickie to get today's muscle commenting underway fellas. Yes, Marcello, hes definitely a muscle bull, roided, nicely juiced and beautifully lagged and slabbed with plenny of what we love. Quite a handsome dude too and is as they say, 'good on the eye'. Gorgeous ebony skin tone and nicely polished and buffed. Loving the posers with lots of tan smeared skid marks. I would certainly spunk on him!. ...'slurpolicious'!

  2. wow what a black bull Essa Hassan Obaid is fucking delicious check out that big bulge

  3. A huge guy’s quads Essa Obaid is Fucking incredible Damn! Legs, Ass, chest, arms!!! really handsome boy, kinda creepy face, but BUTT is outstanding

  4. omg!! The things those lips could do!!! i love his arab black skin hey marcelo is Essa Hassan Obaid a black man why?

    1. Yes, there are both black and white Arabs, some are even blond like the late Firas Saied.