Monday, November 20, 2017

Tough American daddy Tony Boucher


  1. Wow!
    Eu vou também blogar este homem!
    Que cavalão!

  2. holy fuck delicious daddy stallion!!! i prefer hi Hairy Head version

  3. he is so fucking sexy Hot muscular Bald dad shoulders and wonderful big Femoral!
    AND THAT ASS! this fucker has a killer body that craves worship. Motherfucker is HOT

  4. Tony Boucher, What a fucking babe! He may not fall in the labels of Mass Monsters, Beautifully Ugly or even Pretty Face Roided Puppy, but there is something about him that turns me the FUCK ON!

    The more I admire these photos, the more I actually find him BEAUTIFUL! He has such pretty eyes, a great smile and an energy so sexual and masculine that makes you look at him and not being able to get your eyes of him…..Then, there is his big bloated roided body! That’s exactly the kind of male’s body I adore so much! In the pictures where he is not flexing, you can see how round and full his muscles are and that mega swollen and bloated look he has!! FUCK I LOVE IT!!!

    To had some extra horniness, you all know how much I LOVE a bodybuilder with a small cock and who is not ashamed of it, but likes to parades his stuff for everyone to see in some really tiny, colorful and shiny posing trunks allowing us to admire his dedication to follow his destiny in becoming a brutal arrogant and aggressive roided beast even if it make his nuts shrink permanently. You just gotta love a man who does everything he can to become a better-looking self even if that means becoming a walking drugstore!

    ….Well, Tony Boucher falls right in that category!

    Also, he really is a beautiful bald man! I’m not usually really into that look but for him, it totally works. I guess it’s due to his magnificent features. Marcello, I also LOVE that you posted pictures of Tony in his earlier days when he still had hair. It allows us to see the amazing results of his heavy testosterone and steroids intake! What better reason to lose your hair than for Huge Injected Shredded Muscles?

    I don’t know any better reason! I love that the Fitness/Bodybuilding Industry just keeps getting more popular and more men fall into the love of Roids and other products to build and sculpt their dreamed desired physique! And they also get more eager to show their body without any shame everywhere on the web to lusting muscles loving whores like us in exchange of a little attention. Let’s keep juicing boys! There will ALWAYS be loving and thirsty muscle worshippers ready to treat you like KINGS and GODS!

    1. Wow, a lot of chat about a rather average B.B. Handsome as a bald guy, daddy. But honestly we’ve seen much better...would like to hear mor from you when we see some really spectacular guys...don’t like small matter how much jack you’re doing.

    2. Hey Dreamer. I totally know where you are coming from and after reading your great comment, I am now laid in my bed with the hardest of erections, aroused to the fucking hilt by your talk about hardcore roiding in the quest for the ultimate physique. Despite all the drawbacks, I admire and indeed envy the dudes who take the plunge...willing to show off the effects, such as bitch tits, baldness, turtle shell abs and shrunken genitals! Wearing them like badges of honour and clear a indication of their dedication to get fucking stacked! Tony Boucher epitomises this look totally, ade all the more handsome because he never even seems to crack a smile. He's obiously besotted with his extreme appearance and no doubt is totally aware what affect he has on whores like us! All I hope is that he manages to stay alive, but be determined to chemically live life on the very edge in order to get as massive and obscenely muscular as he can possibly get!

    3. Anonymous, I don't anything average about this daddy, in my eyes he already achieved muscle god status.

  5. Total daddy material. And he looks better without hair.