Sunday, November 5, 2017

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Big American stallion Juan Morel
Slovenian superman Miha Zupan
7-time Mister Olympia Phil Heath
Hadi Choopan - the Persian Wolf
Supreme American bull Branch Warren
New King of England Nathan De Asha
Kuwaiti son of  Hercules Ahmad Ashkanani
Canadian Prince Charmant Christopher Bumstead
Canadian alpha monster Paulo Almeida
Mamdouh "Big Ramy" Elssbiay - the Living Horus of Egypt
Roelly Winklaar - the Mighty Lion from Curacao


  1. Roelly winklar forever real muscle lion my tongue drools as fuck ...omg Big rami is fuckbld too

  2. Ahmad is fucking hot is my favourite bodybuilder Hadi choopan is very sexy too

  3. Omg Roelly x Hadi
    Who is the best bodybuilder?
    I am curious to see the End
    And you Marcelo?
    Hey where are the UK Guys? UKmuscle TW and oceej?

  4. I eventually placed my vote eduardo but as I come from the home of democracy, it's my perrogative to keep my choice to myself.

  5. Marcelo eu não entendi a resposta dele o que ele quiz dizer?
    Placed my vote?
    Ukmuscle for who was your vote?

    1. Ele disse que votou, mas deseja manter o voto em segredo.

  6. Miha Zupan. I always get the impression he gets erections from exhibiting his body. There are a few pics of him like having boners...