Sunday, September 3, 2017

Wild beasts at the 2017 North Americans part I

Seth Shaw (Superheavy winner and Overall Champ)

Shaw Smith
Martin Daniels (over 40 overall winner)

Matt Kouba

Matt Maldonado

Matt Lowden

Michael Charles

Mike Lacombe

Mike Gritti

Phi Visicaro

Ryan Bangert

Salby Salang
Joe Seeman

Jonathan Ward

Jorge Reyes
Jephte Cherenfant
Tyler Cohen


  1. Awesome post matie! Hoping for a bit of Zach Merkel in part 2! Unrelated to this post - have you heard of a guy called Jorgan Corneliussen? Think the guys on here would really like him! ;)

    1. Corneliussen was featured here a long time ago, but maybe it's time to post him again.

  2. Great Muscle stalions they arent Massive like bulls but they re well built

  3. Alguns sao bem cavaludos mas nada que me deixe muito excitado #1 é o mais tesudo prefiro búfalos
    Que competicao e categoria é essa?

    1. São as categorias mais pesadas do North Americans, um concurso que inclui atletas dos 3 países da América do Norte - Canadá, EUA e México.

    2. North America? É da IFBB isso?

  4. Também não gostei muito o Seth Shaw é o melhor gosto deles bem cavaludos coxudos e rabudos gosto de cavalo quartudo!

  5. Replies
    1. Amen to that...Joe Seeman...note the name...will have to be at the front of the line. Beautiful man and those glossy tiny posers do it for me every time....F

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