Monday, September 4, 2017

North Americans part II

Alex Martinez

Alexander Webb

Antwaun Carter (over 35 overall winner)

Austin Morell
Adam Young (heavyweight winner)
Bernardo Heredia
Cade Zook

Charlie Williams

Dave Johnson (over 40 superheavy winner)

Deontrai Campbell (light heavyweight winner)
Zach Merkel
Stephen Weigel
Shaun Kondor

Nicholas Walker

Robby Gould (over 35 super heavy winner)
Jossue Diaz

Justin Maki
Jay Warren (middleweight winner)
Henry Mumford
Thomas Trilivas (over 35 light heavy winner)
Enmanuel Martinez

Eric Timbers (over 40 heavyweight winner)
French Ogburn (over 50 overall winner)

Ty Young

Kojo Umoja

Jack Sullivan
Donald Smith (over 60 overall winner)


  1. I'll take Chuck Williams (gorgeous!), Austin Morrell (love love love those shiny posers!) and Zach Merkel (he's soooo CUTE)!

  2. Cade Zook....stood out to me. Also dug his shiny blue cock sack. Nick Walker would also be on the list.

  3. Robby Gould, the Man of the Steel...The Man of the GOLD!

  4. Antwaun carter é única que achei verdadeiramente tesudo o resto sao franquinhos

    1. Antwaun é um tesão de corcel negro merece um post ai imagina esse cavalo negro abrindo esse bundão e mostrando a pérola negra ein Marcelo?

  5. They are all good, but the four that caught my attention were
    in no particular order are:
    Ty Young
    Jack Sullivan
    Emmanuel Martinez
    Antwaun Carter

    I came across an apparently 'controversial video' about how judging at the NPC operates. We may not be getting all of the best competitors due to commercial deals operating, favouritism and sexual favours all operating in the background.
    What do you guys think about it? Here is the video.
    NPC Controversy

    1. I think what Marc Lobliner is saying must be true. I assume some IFBB contests are fixed too. That's probably why Greek bodybuilder Giannis Maggos lost his temper and slapped an IFBB official after coming at second place and losing to Chris Pistolas at the Diamond Cup when on the previous day he had beaten Chris with the same judges evaluating them.

    2. M thank you for your reply.
      This has many implications in that the competitions are not attracting all of the best physiques - because they are not impartial and you must agree to use only particular supplements ie have your freedom restricted. This is not to mention the allegations of sexual favours that may be required.
      I can now better understand why Giannis let lose with a mighty slap to the face of one of the officials.
      I noticed with Mr Olympia competitions non-Americans are mostly given the lower positions, this can't be right.