Monday, September 18, 2017

Olympian American bull Brandon Curry


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  2. omg Brandon Crry is one of the hottest bodybuilders alive fuck check out those fucking big legs pecs and arms i can image the taste if his black hole ... fuck!!

  3. Another great taste is when a black bodybuilder has had a really intense work out and after he drops his pants and lets you lick the sweat from his balls as he jerks off. Cedric MacMillan in particular loves to do this.

    1. Omg Mark you is a mothafucka! Your erotic bodybuilder tales tease me so much!
      Omg a sweaty Black body is gorgeus
      Please tell me there is diference betwen sweaty Black and sweaty White studs?

  4. Wow brandon is total mothafucker Black Bull! Beautiful as fuck!
    I Love his Bull Back

  5. Mmmmm African American guys are the hottest of the planet Brandon Curry is one of the my fav black bodybuilders i want his black semen in my mouth ...what do you think webmaster?

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