Saturday, September 2, 2017

Austrian superstar Fabian Mayr


  1. Now we have another Austrian Oak to talk about.BIG, handsome, well muscled boy.Love the big smile, though a bit of a gap toothed one. Broad chested, long armed small waist, big ass...this shiny poser wearing BB is worth the spunk load I plan to blow today...F

  2. beautiful muscle horse from Austria!!Fabian Mayr is fuckable that juice ass Mmmmmm

  3. FUCK FUCK FUCK!! This guy is gorgeous! Beautiful physique, cheeky smile, handsome as shit and the dude has awesome taste in posing trunks! LOVE the head to head most muscular shot where that other guy has his tongue sticking out like a nutter (hehe)! Thanks for posting mate!

  4. what a fucking beef Ass i´d love to be between those fat cheeks and tongues their manhole all night!
    god sav

  5. Eu quero cheirar o cu do Fabian Mayr
    Eu quero lamber o cu do Fabian Mayr
    Eu quero chupar o cu do Fabian Mayr
    Eu quero comer o cu do Fabian Mayr
    Eu quero gozar no cu do Fabian Mayr
    Austiracos sao garanhões delicosos

  6. Fabulous Muscle horse Ass could eat it all day!! he´s beautiful
    Could you describe the taste of Austrian male ass like Fabian to me my blogger?

  7. omg my dick is trickling that Austrian muscle stud drive the cocksuckers to madness!!but I'd rather see him massive in off season

  8. Gotta love every pose by this sexy Austrian muscle stud. More thick beef can be added and pose in a more skimpy suit.

  9. Just one pic of Fabian and I'm hard, only 24 and one of the most handsome young muscle studs out there. Simply young stunning, ripped, full muscled beauty to be worshipped. I would totally wear my tongue out on this specimen of male perfection.


    Fuck! I just had a visual orgasm! I didn’t even have to touch my cock to splash my sperm! Fabian is simply and unquestionably beautiful! His deity beauty makes him one of the most handsomely perfect specimen of living God I have ever seen!!!!

    I could just keep looking at his perfect face and I would be forever content and I would bless the sky (or Apollo and Aphrodite) for having sent such gift for us, mere mortals, a real jewel for us to worship and lust every single day for the rest of our humble existence.

    I don’t know where to start to describe my burning desire for him. He is PERFECT! It’s a great thing I only admire him through my computer’s screen because even just by being in the same room than him, I would just stop breathing, bedazzled by his magnificent splendour. Well, if that happened, I could die delighted but I’m not wishing that, there are many other celestial gems of roids to swoon over.

    Fabian has a stunningly sublime face; piercing eyes like gemstones, voluptuous lips, a smile to blind any careless worshipper, silken beard and hair you just want to softly touch and caress forever (and lick) and his ears for some reason send shivers down my spine!

    And now his body……….(lethargic trance and salivation uncontrollable)

    His body is so perfectly sculpted, mold to an apogee of grace. That ultimate physique has been shaped thorough countless cycles of roids! And we can not wish any better.

    I have a weakness in particular for his pectorals when he hits a front lat spread pose and the two parts of his pectoralis major spread and get covered with striations! FUCK! I JUST FUCKING LOVE IT!

    What could I say about his statuesque silhouette, obviously carved by the hands of a marvelous providential sovereignty. The V shape his upper body is gravity defying; huge broad deltoids and a tiny waist and then, two humongous tree trunks ripped and feathered quads. The outrageous size of his Gluteus Maximus leaves me speechless and feeds my insatiable addiction for roids needled injected muscles!

    Finally, I LOVE his cockiness and his impudence. The way he takes possession of the stage shows his needs to display his tremendously celestial morphology.

  11. Esse fabian é um cavalao coxudo o povo ta doidão nele ele vai ser top aqui do blog digo top do bodybuilding? Ou mas um amador blogger?

  12. Thanks, Dreamer, for sharing your poetic words of ecstasy and infatuation with us.