Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Arab-American powerhouse Fakhri Mubarak


  1. oh my fucking god!!!! waht a hot American arab stallion Fakhri Mubarak is very handsome and virily i want my tongue in that ass

  2. wooff what a stud!! i just love Arab-American bodybuilders Fakhri Mubarak is edible
    check out those fucking huge legs

  3. High quality Pure Manliness Fakhri Mubara is Really Badass his big noose is fucking sexy

  4. holy fuck ! this muscle stud is amazing check out those big quads wooof my dick is dripping cum !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11


  5. oh it´s fucking delicious lick a straight man's ass an he'll come back for more!

  6. Very detailed and symmetrical guy, really powerful too.

  7. tesudo coxudo cavaludo do caralho esse Fakhri Mubarak porra o que tu faria entre as coxonas desse garanhão arabe nesta posição ein Marcelo?


    1. Gravaria um vídeo das coxonas dele em movimento e postaria aqui para o deleite de vocês.

  8. Marcelo, you are spoiling us with the Divine Fakhri!

    This beautifully muscled middle-eastern beauty was one of my favorite bodybuilder to fantasise about, just over a decade ago! He literally droved me to the edge! His physique was just monstrously built with amazing proportions and overall beauty. He was also one of the first bald men to excite me this much. Those tree trunks quads and that hugely roids injected ass made me cum so many times!

    I can’t also forget those super sexy and shiny black satin trunks! It’s so sad that bodybuilders seem to have stop using that aphrodisiac material for their posing trunks….It always looked fantastic on stage with the bright lights and their excitation of the moment! Another prime example was Gustavo Badell in the years 04-05 who was not shy to sport ultra minuscules, silky and shiny posing "straps" for the pleasure of his faithful admirers.

    Anyway, it’s unfortunate that Fakhri stopped competing. But at least, he’s still in the fitness industry because now he helps other roided muscle hungry junkies to grow and achieve their life goals all while making us dream and lust to their masculine beauty!