Monday, September 29, 2014

Vintage muscles

Adolfo Acosta

Adolfo Acosta

Wilson Santos

Wilson Santos

Leonardo Palheta

Ricardo Mion

Ricardo Junqueira

Edson Zaggia
Marcelo Pelaio

Ricardo Mion, Francisco Cerniciuc, Edson Zaggia, Angelino Zaggia

Juarez Estevão


  1. amazing vintaghe brazilains gods
    Wilson Santos and Marcelo Pelaio are fuckable I need to eat both

  2. Wilson Santos´ hairy pecs is hot as hell his glutes is round and hot too
    Edson Zaggia is pure testosterone
    Ricardo Mion awesome legs woff

  3. These mother fucker are pure Lust
    Wilson Santos has so much testosterone that your ass is totally hairy he's done porn to krinten bjorn
    Marcelo Pelaio is the most handsome in this post i love his huge legs wow! please dude more pics about Marcelo Pelaio

  4. porra o wilson santos é fodaço esse ele ja fez porno? porra o marcelo pelaio mais tesudo ainda coxas do caralho ele ja fez porno?