Thursday, September 4, 2014

First Brazilian in the Mr. Olympia - Luiz Otávio de Freitas


  1. Nowadays you'll never see a bodybuilder wear a pink singlet. Baggy unattractive clothes should be forbidden at the gyms. Luiz was very brave and why not when he had such a beautiful, simply incredible physique.

  2. M thank you very much.
    I thought Luis was wonderful then and I still do think he's wonderful now.
    Very dense and solid frame, a true powerhouse.
    I like the way he has density and definition.
    A total dream & source of pleasure at seeing his muscles.
    Thanks again.

  3. Love the 80's hair on this beast.

  4. amazing i just love vintage bodybuilders i didin´t know Luiz Otávio de Freitas ! it has great big legs and a nice smile

  5. His legs and ass were unbelievable ! Was he born with that legs? this guy has one of the most beautiful quads in the world! i´m crazy for BodyBuilder's Have Long Hair
    to webmaster and Cochinollo
    Why Don't More Body Builder's Have Long Hair? What's the deal?

    1. many Professional BB's lose their hair from years of gear abuse-its short
      this guy was amazing in his time . i thinks he is getting Bald now

  6. That's simple to explain, the hair would draw people's attention away from his physique, NOT what you wanna do in competition.
    Luiz Otávio de Freitas He has some huge awesome arms and legs that could crush a man to death! Luiz´s bronze tan is the best I've ever seen

  7. He was a real hottie of the 80's, remember seeing him on some Mr. O footage that aired on "The Wide World of Sports" on AmericanTV. Thanks for the video footage!

  8. In the '80's I thought it didn't get much sexier than him!

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