Monday, September 29, 2014

The man with 74 awards - Fernando Sardinha


  1. I see you saved the best for last. Fernando is among best what Brazil has to offer. I love short bulky bodybuilders. His legs training YouTube video in leggings is breathtaking. People should kneel in front of him and worship his quads and glutes.

    Admin, you've put a fantastic effort this month reminding us yet again what real men are supposed to look like. Big thank you for that.

    1. M, you did a really excellent job this month featuring Brazilian muscle.
      The bodybuilding scene is Brazil is a lot more advanced than I would have imagined. I'll never look at Brazilian men the same way again.
      It's a shame you didn't mention a few other favourites of mine like Marilandio Ponchet and Leandro Rodrigo, maybe on another occasion. Many thanks.

    2. Indeed oceej. I also think Marcelo de Paula should've definitely been featured as he is one of the most sensational bodybuilder out there. I do hope that we'll get to see him and others on another occasion.

    3. Agreed Cochinolo.
      Marcelo (de Paula) was featured shortly after this post.
      I see what you mean, he is a beast. Good symmetry and muscle density.

  2. fuck yeah ! FERNANDO SARDINHA is a fuckable muscle God one of the hottest bodybuilders i´ve ever check out that abs and trapz
    chec out that BIG ASS woff my dick is dripping cum!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Fernando Sardinha´s glutes is unbeatable!!! this man has the most massive legs and glutes of Brazil. say webmaster what is the secret of their massive legs?

  4. Building leg muscles was a problem leg workouts simply have to be brutal to be effective
    Fernando Sardinha 's Secret to Tree Trunk Legs ?
    a lot of ROIDS and SQUATS exercises
    holy fuck Sardinha eat steroids in his ass he trains squat like animal
    fuck bless you Squats

  5. Holy fuck Fernado sardinha is real Brazilian Bull it´s my idol
    i´m squirting and cumming on my dick every time I see your his quads and asses
    what is that pink stuck up in his ass?
    I would spend hours licking that ass

  6. Fodaço o filha da puta do Sardinha é o cara malha pra caralho que coxas filhas da puta um tesão esse cara !

  7. fuckin god! Fernando is a master i love his videos about insane leg workout !it has a sensational ass A muscle butt that I wanted to have. fuck off i want to finger his behind

  8. Man.Look at them quadz!!! Yeah, fernando used steroids but He still had better legs than any other body builder who used
    Craziest legs ever.

  9. That is some sexy ass thickness. I wish he showed his ass in this pictures

  10. o mais gostoso dos fisiculturistas brasileiros ja vi ele no Rio de janeiro todos param pra ver suas pernas e bunda na sunga até os machos na academia ficam loucos pra comer ele