Friday, September 26, 2014

Over 50 champion at the 2014 Arnold Amateur Eduardo Zoega


  1. He looks really good, he has good genetics, and is well muscled and conditioned. He has lost none of his beauty with age.
    I like his powerful legs.
    This guy is "sexy as ...".
    Long may he continue...

  2. E já é vovô...
    Que beleza de vovô...
    Beleza não tem idade,ela se transforma com o tempo...
    No caso dele,ela só vai melhorando.

  3. fuck amazing muscle old bull!! puta que pariu que touro velho gostoso é esse? ele deve esta cheio de testosterona ainda

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  4. freak sexy daddy !! he has a good genetics for legs i've always had big knees, thick ankles and a big ass

  5. over 50!! wofffff! , yes! He's a sexy Old motherfucker. i want to fuck this muscle grandpa i can imagine their gray pubic hair wofff

  6. paizão gostoso do caralho as coxas são fodaças na foto 3 da pra ver a cabeça da pica do sacana puta q pariu to afim de um velho bombado desses mais velhos bombados aí galera

  7. edible Muscle grandpa, old can be horny too! I'm a huge fan of this man
    is amazing how a guy that age has a muscle mass as large!
    please Worldwide Can you explain me what is the secret of this old man?

  8. dude i swear. if this man was my grandfather I would commit incest
    I would devour his muscular ass every day ! fuck It could fuck me every night
    i want a grandfather like this i´m jerk a lot now
    please dadies bodybulders for the month of october

  9. Shows what present day ingenuity can do, he looks terrific!