Friday, September 19, 2014

Paulo Lima - Nabba World Champion 2011


  1. Perfect in so many ways. It must be super easy to fall in love with this man. What's not to like here? His gorgeous manly face, big juicy bubble butt, rock hard biceps, seductive smile when he flexes his muscles? Paulo is a dream come true.

  2. muito masculo tesudo e que bunda do caralho é essa ? peitoral fodaço adoro ele peludo
    paulo lima é um monstro

  3. chest of A Greek God! i love that belly in off sesson paulo´s glutes are round n beffy like a Apollo I’m not a big fan of small trapezius muscle.
    But when it comes to paulo’s trapezius, I can lick and suck it all day.

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  5. Good physique, I like the fact that he's not shy and is prepared to show his hot ass.
    Nice ass

  6. fuck off jesus !! this man is hot as mother fucking his butt is incredibly huge in pic 5
    alex showing his virgin rose hole is great i jack a lot
    i love his lats too