Monday, April 23, 2018

Vintage Swedish daddy Anders Graneheim


  1. Just what is it about muscle daddies? They drive me fucking demented seeing guys like Anders! He's got a drop dead gorgeous physique. .especially the crazy quads and huge round ass. Don't believe me?...check out the pics where he's wearing the stripy lycra bottoms...ker fuckin! But then you getta look at that phyzog too and....WOW!...totally hot, in command and experienced and just fucking beautiful! Splat!

    1. For sure UK. Love the old school attire. So lean and hanscome...pretty young to be a daddy...but of course he can be mine anytime...totally Splat-worthy...May take care of that right now...F

  2. What a muscle Stud! He is a Horse that Ass is Incredible! Fuck

  3. These muscle daddies also drive me insane.

  4. Belíssimo garanhao daddy sueco que bunda carnuda e redonda é aquela Puts! A partir de quantos anos o cara é considerado daddy Marcelo 30 ou 40 ?