Friday, April 27, 2018

Tajik muscle hunk Ramshed Habibov


  1. Check out those quads and pecs in the second to the last pics...handsome, young, tall, slabbed with muscle..yum. F

  2. Holy fuck he is Beautiful Ramshed Habibov Drive me wet
    Mmmmm what a Muscle Horse

  3. He looks like Tarek Elsetouhi.

    1. Omg Tarek Elsetohi was amazing and beef as fuck! This is another fucker stalion

  4. There's 4 pics that I fucking love here. Three are when he's tanned up and on stage looking truly magnificent. He's got a super shredded physique but it's that long and strong looking neck which gets my attention! It's not normally a body part to lust over but hey, I like to throw in the occasional curve ball and quite honestly it's super sexy too. Other body parts that can sometimes get me hard are (contest) bodybuilders' feet, where there is a contrast between the tanned upper and the light sole. Another weird one are wrists which can drive me bonkers if they're broad and strong looking, especially it there's a sexy chunky bracelet fastened around it!
    The fourth pic is totally different and that's the one where you can see his pec cleavage. I would love to rub me erection along that sexy valley and squirt really hard onto his beefy neck and chin....blush!

  5. Puta que Cavalão jovem musculoso e Belo muito gostoso esse cara a penúltima foto ta imoral demais Marcelo só de meia adoro o que ele te parece ?

  6. Achei um cavalão de aço com olhos de mongol.