Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Argentine beef bull Gerardo Repollo


  1. BULL,BULL,BULL,BULL,BULL,BULL,BULL! He's a totally roided up beef monster with slabbed up muscle just hanging from every part of his anatomy! Love the pic of him in the bright pink wife-beater with those awesome winged lats flairing out like concord's delta shaped wings. Also that hot as fuck veined up most-muscular with the grey wife beater this time! Ker-fucking-splat!
    Sorry I didn't comment yesterday Eduardo and Marcello...have been very busy. A shame too, cos he was drooling gorg..a real cookie-cutter Iranian bull with stunning abs!

    1. Repollo means "cabbage" in Spanish, but he should be called Gerardo Toro.

  2. Right on UK...he is fucking gorgeous. Hot in those wife beaters, hitter with out. Love his big smile, handsome face...huge quads, one of my fav parts of the anatomy. From the look of his posers, must be a well hung cocksman...That back is to die for, huge flared lats...definitely splat worthy.may take care of that right now....F