Monday, April 2, 2018

American pint-sized bull Erik Martinez


  1. Oh fuck!! OK, lads, I have a confession. I LOVE pint sized, short arsed bodybuilders! The lads who are almost as wide as they are tall. Who you can pick up and put in your pocket, then take out and watch em flex and squeeze their mini mass whenever you need some entertainment! Lads exactly like THIS cheeky, chunky chipmunk! I'm loving the first few shots where he's flexing out in his trainers and trunks (surely the only outfit a muscle boy needs)! And (of course) I'm loving the stage shot where he's cranking out that mean, crab most muscular. Thick slabs of munchable beef exploding off his pint sized frame and fighting for space. That cute, cocky and ever so slightly goofy expression on his face like, "Hmpppff! Get a load of THIS fuckers!"

    1. I feel the same a little pocket toy I can take out and play with when the mood hits. Little man has packed on some good muscle...sweet ass. The roads have helped with those big quads and back...can’t wait to put him in my toy box. F

  2. I don't often use the 'horse' analogy when describing muscle and much rather use 'bull' or 'oxen' to categorise my muscle monsters. However, coming from a once mighty coal mining area, I can't help thinking that this lil bugger reminds me of a short legged pit pony, destined to work hard, haul huge amounts of weight and develop obscenely massive leg muscles! Bet he squats like a fucking maniac and can show the bigger guys a thing or two!
    I suppose it's the 'short man syndrome' kicking in, and along with the obscenely slabbed physique, i suspect he drives a powerful tank of a car and owns a great big dog, like an Irish wolfhound or St Bernard!