Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Saudi muscle wonder Fahad Zaid Hazazi


  1. Well anyone who knows me will know what I love the most about this post...those super duper shiny, beautifully fucking coloured (I have a pair a pretty similar colour!), teenie weenie, turquoise posing trunks!! FUCKING. SLURP!! Which reminds me, someone recently criticised my posing trunk story on the blog saying that he "cringed" at the descriptions of posers being "teenie weenie" and it wasn't (and I quote) "for an adult audience". So let me say it again...I fucking LOVE those TEENIE TEENIE WEENIE WEENIE POSERS!! Oh and the lad they're attached to isn't bad either! Beautiful biceps, lovely abs, tight striated pecs, and (best of all!) those THICK and bloody gorgeously striated GLUTES! Wonder if he's been hanging round those Aussie gyms?

    Looks like a fella who loves being all shredded and flexing on stage too, showing of his freakazoid beef for an audience of mere mortals. Check out the proud, cheeky, bordering on cocky facial expression as he's hitting that front lat spread, like "HUP! Cop a load of THIS shit fuckers. Freaky or fucking WHAT?!"

  2. Amen brother...teeeeeennnnie perfection. Cock grabbing, ass grabbing shiny as fuck...paterned if necessary...no velvet, no rhinestones. LOVED you story about the worshipper who found the posers and traced them back to the stud owner...maybe I’ll read again today...got me rock hard as I remember.
    Yore descriptions are dead on pal...can’t get enough and live your website. F

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    2. Awww thanks mate! Your descriptions are bloody awesome too! I love your comments and contributions here! ;) YES to your words about posers!! And agreed on the velvet front! Why, mate?! Just...WHY?! You don't see much of them these days though thankfully!