Monday, March 12, 2018

Russian behemoth Sergey Kulaev


  1. Omg Russian Bull!
    Sergey Kulaev is beef and juice as fuck!
    Dat Ass!

  2. Holy Fuck! He is edible i love Russian beasts Sergey Kulaev and Alexander federov are my favourite Russian BBs
    Sergey's Butt is my dream of consum oh man my tongue in that ass wil be Great

  3. Toatal Muscle Demon... Damn Fuck kulaev is hot as Devil your manly face and muscularity gets me hard

  4. Sergey I just watched what I’d call a tribute video of your accomplishments. I’ve got to say you are a FUCKING Bull if I’ve ever seen one. Your back and shoulders are in-fucking-credible. Your ducking your lats and quads are spectacular...also like your cocky attitude when posing. Not to discount the posers you have on when out in the audience and the almost thong like back as you approach the most certainly are SPLAT WORTHY...F

  5. UKMusclenut...can’t seem to get my email at the new address, fate is against us connecting...soon Mate...can’t seem to get it fixed. F

    1. "FEE - FI - FO - FUM....I SMELL THE SPUNK OF AN ENGLISHMAN! " Yep, that'd me me cumming all over the abs and pecs of this huge muscled up russian giant! What an absolute monster and the way he struts on stage and around his adoring 'tongues hanging out in absolute disbelief' audience, I'm sure there'd be plenny of fellas wanting to join me in blasting their milky swimmers all over his behemoth like bod! Although he is already a total spunk gorilla, I would like to see him inject more roids, cos I'm sure he has the muscle capacity to pack on even more slabbed beef! Fuck me aswell... imagine him more shredded! Now that'd be a sight to behold!! Ker-fucking-splat!
      OK mate, look forward to chatting with you buddy.

  6. wow Sergey Kulaev massive tanned and oiled roids rash on his ass i love this guy russian bulls are fucking massive and delicious

  7. YEAAAAH BUDDY !What a leg �� The best Russian bodybuilder ever his legs alone can feed an entire african family for a month
    why russian bulls are so fucking juice my blogger??

  8. puta que pariu marcelão que touro demonio musculoso é esse ?? imagino o segey no palco so com a sunga e com os chifres de boi puta que pariu um verdadeiro demonio aff ja imaginou ? que doidera olha aqui sei que tu adora um chifrudo musculoso to viciado em diabos bombados