Monday, March 5, 2018

Panamean muscle panther Fernando Mendoza


  1. Bem panterudo, mesmo!
    Que bom que descobrimos esta nova categoria de machos, as panteras musculares...
    O mundo não pode ficar resumido em touros e
    Que venham também os lobos

  2. Loving the panther analogy Marcello! He definitely looks powerfully muscled but also slinky and bigcat-like! It's a nice set of pics too but have to say, the spunking shot for me is the last most muscular! Fuuck! The gorg tatts, the nice bit of buff and shine on those upper pecs just wants me to do a bit of semen firing target practice on those beautifully shaped and sized muscle bulges! KER-FUCKIN! !

    1. The only thing you didn’t mention was those hot as FUCK fushia (sp?) posers. They most certainly enhance his sweet ass and nice generous cock. Ker-splat rating 8.5. F

  3. Fucking hot Black panter id love my tongue on this Black body
    Black is beautiful fuck