Friday, March 16, 2018

Peruvian muscle dictator Stalin Linares


  1. Jeeeeeeesussssssss! 'Stalin' in Russian means 'Steel' so when mummy Inca lady decided to christen her bambino son that name, he was almost destined to become either a mass murdering psychopath or a roided muscle bullet who has, as near as damn it, turned his short assed little bod into a fucking block of the stuff! Talk about as hard as fucking nails, and to watch him strut around that stage like a growth hormone chomping munchkin, my fucking cock is now like an iron girder too! Loving the shortness, scrawled tatts, multicolored mohican, super steel physique (especially those tree like legs) and the fucking tood! His miniature sized mate ain't half bad too!! Ker-fucking-splat!

    1. Those fucking quads are incredible, my favorite body part, well maybe there is one other. I’d like to pop him in my pocket and take him home. Needs some serious tailoring on those posers, especially the pink one...need to really huge that road shrunken cock...F

    2. No need to change the size of his shrunken cock. He's perfect.