Friday, December 22, 2017

Rising British beast boy Dean White


  1. Marcello, you are absolutely driving me batty with these British muscle spunksters which you've been featuring over the past few days. Like RBT yesterday this lad is one muscle slabbed, painfully virile and totally handsome fella! The first pic of him flexing out that obscene most muscular got me instantly aroused and drooling. You can just tell he's a bit of a lad with bags of stage confidence and attitude, blasting out those hot poses and knowing the affect he's having on worshippers..both male and female! All I ask of him is just to keep lifting, eating and roiding...a gauranteed way of me releasing more sweet man cream in honour of my fellow Brit bro!

    1. From time to time I feature muscle specials focusing on a particular country, and this time I chose the UK.

  2. Beautiful British Bull Dean White is fucking hot
    British guys you are gorgeous
    Congratulations oceej UkMuscle Tw

  3. Eduardo, the UK has a lot more desirable musclemen. They are a hot bunch.