Wednesday, December 20, 2017

British pitbull Rob Bowman Taylor - "the Barnsley Pitbull"

3 times Mr. Britain!


  1. OMFG what a gorgeous young Brit musclebull, that boyish face and that incredible thick powerful armored tank of a body and those magnificent huge calves I would lick forever. Wait till he adds another 20 lbs of granite muscle to his already musclebull frame.

  2. This young beast has already won the Mr. Britain title as many as 3 times, he's really on his way to muscle stardom.

  3. Oh Marcello, I cannot tell you how grateful if am for featuring this absolutely magnificent muscle bull! I've been besotted by him for ages as he epitomises those white British working-class features that gets me so aroused when looking for muscle eye candy. His physique is becoming grotesquely obscene (a good thing) and although it's not a prerequisite for my muscle preference, I fucking love his wonderous sleeve and pec tats which spiral over his hard bulgEes and around his succulent nipples. This has been recently added to with a full neck and under chin design which makes him even more sexy! Fellas, The Mr Britain pics are great but if you want to see Rob at his best, make sure you check out his gym shots and his pics from his wedding holiday in cancun. Here he is so pumped, he looks like he'll explode! As Anonymous says above, I'm looking forward to seeing him pack on another 20lbs of beef. Then he will be formidableasier mega muscle beast! Ker-fucking-splat!

    1. I only noticed him this year because of the pics published on Eastlabs.

  4. Check him out on instagram on therealmuscleunit Marcello.

  5. QUE PERNAS CAVALARES filho da puta tesudo que é esse cavalo ? porque ele nao tirou o short ficou só de cueca que rabo ein marcelão ?