Sunday, December 31, 2017

Best of 2017 as elected in the WWB poll

#1 Roelly Winklaar

#2 Hadi Choopan

#3 Miha Zupan

#3 Christopher Bumstead


  1. Are those LV posers for real...? going to have to check the website and see if they exist. Chris is number one in my book.

  2. What a quartet of absolute spunk inducing beef beasts! It's amazing to realise that the more 'delicate' sized one is Chris B, with the other 3 being total roid oxen! I fucking love Chris but my passion is for the absolute obscene, so Roelly, Hadi and Miha match my taste perfectly. Roelly in particular is so massively juiced these days, even his face has distorted to frightening proportions (am I complaining? absolutely fucking not)! I go weak at the knees when he's scrunching down - muscles bulging to mind-boggling proportions, veins exploding and no doubt plenty of cocks doing exactly the same! Meanwhile Roelly's scary phyzog is also scrunched to buggery, (but nicely jolly,) looking for all the world like the Buddha who's decided to ditch religion so he can pursue his dream to bodybuild, lift outrageously heavy weights and inject copious quantities of human growth hormone!
    Hadi is magnificent too and Miha is as ever so outrageously hard and arousingly scary!

  3. roelly winklaar the best What beef and meaty ass!..I still would bury my face in that ass and eat him raw

  4. No doubt Roelly and Hadi chopan were the hottest mothafuckers in 2017