Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Legendary Italian champion Piero Nocerino

with Sauro Calistri


  1. Wow Piero has always looked phenomenal and continues to do so as a mature daddy. My only gripe is why do bodybuilders think covering their perfect bodies with tattoos is a good thing?

  2. This super human goes from strength to strength and absolutely fits into that daddyesque look like a hand in a glove. we have to agree to differ my friend. I too like to see tattless muscle but to me, those inked designs enhance that grainy daddy look. Testament to a muscle dude who wants to inDulge himself in how he looks, committing to something that is permanent and not dithering and worrying about today, tomorrow or the next day..not giving a fuck what people think or those who make judgement...he is his own man and confidently proclaims it!

  3. DELICIOUS!! What a fucking hot muscle stallion Piero Nocerino is fuckable

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  5. Piero have a Big horse legs this Guy is very sexy and manly like all italian stalions

  6. omg i just think italian bodybuilders the hottest stallins of the planet why are Italian a the best stallions blogger ?

  7. I love super hot muscular italian horses giant and hope make more and hope allow me to touch that massive body and Legs
    He's gained size but has completely lost his looks

  8. que filho da puta cavaludo e coxudo do caralho a italia sempre com os melhores cavalos garanhões até mesmo melhor do que a Arabia não acha Marcelo? o que esses garanhões italianos tem que os outros não tem?

    1. Deve ser porque descendem dos gladiadores do Império Romano.

  9. oh god What are those fucking big legs? Piero Nocerino is sexy like a Horse i love his big bum and calves too!