Monday, July 3, 2017

American mega hunks Deontrai Campbell, Lehjuan Jones, Billy Ford and David Fisch

Deontrai Campbell

Lehjuan Jones

Billy Ford

David Fisch


  1. Billy and David,especially Billy is hot as fuck...well muscled , big smiles on their faces. I like guys who smile...many look like their in pain while posing...ill take these two anytime...

    1. I meant to say many look like they're in pain while UK below Billy is most certainly spunk worthy. David also got me rock hard. Another smiling athlete...wish more guys would take a risk with bright shiny closed me some silver, good, and especially pink. Have a great day guys.

    2. Anonymous, do a google search for muscle potential. Its a company that produces micro posers.

  2. Marcello...this is a fantastic post so you must be disappointed that there are so few posts. My friend, I am almost convinced that there is just to much muscle to ogle and comment on, with every one of these muscle Princes deserving of a post of their own. Like anonymous above, I fucking love Billy n David n...if truth be told have pinched the pic of Billy hitting a most muscular for a muscle acquaintance of mine, as a way of starting our play sesh later tonight. When I saw him, I imediately went rock hard, admiring his incredibly muscle slabbed body but also his a
    Handsome good looks and sheer sense that he is loving every minute of showing off his totally spunkworthy physique to insatiable muscle worshippers like me and the rest of our brethren on wwb!

  3. Oh goody more muscle bulls to worship and breed. One can never have enough tight holes to fill, mine included. Let the muscle orgy commence.