Thursday, July 6, 2017

Hercules made in Brazil Carlos Monçalves


  1. beautiful brazilain stallion! hey UK guys
    (Muscleaddict ,UKmuscl , Oceej ,TW) what do you think about muscle brazilain men ? are hot ugly sexy beautiful?

  2. Hey Eduardo..sorry this is a late one, it's been a busy day. Carlos is quite an' unusual bodybuilder to look at. The muscle is pretty top notch and I love it that he's a big lad too! To say he's got such a fantastic physique, it is a shame that he doesn't look too happy on stage, with only one pic of him capturing a cute smile and proving he's a handsome dude. My other fav pic is that back shot where he is coyly showing off one of his gorg ass cheeks!!

  3. Eduardo, I somewhat agree, Carlos has a superb physique but his full beard and mustache makes him look like a demented lumberjack. I agree with UKMN, he needs to smile more to show more enthusiasm. He is way too stoic in this set. BTW, I am not a UK gent but am a US gent.

    1. Maybe he doesn't smile very often because he thinks he's a strict Spartan, the reincarnation of King Leonidas.

  4. pode me dizer algum coisa desse tesudo potranco muscle stud marcelo? veja fotos e videos dele