Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Lithuanian beast Nerijus Bruzas


  1. Omg Lithuanian ara amazing hot as fuck Nerijus Bruzas ooze sexuality!

  2. Nerijus is a fucking handsome blond stallion i want tongue fuck in those big pecs! Check out Those shoulders man!

  3. Lukkas! You hit the nail on the head describing Nerijus as a handsome Muscle Stallion! I always think of the 'stallion' category as a bb who is talLerwick, rather than short, perfectly proportioned but possessing a certain virile muscled elegance. This is opposed to a muscle bull who is much more obsenely clad in beef, equally virile and generally more obsene, in a hother way of course!. This dude is certainly jacked and is also pretty gorg too. So, Muscle Stallion it iseems. The 5th picture down of him cranking out a fantastically hot Most Muscular iso the one which gets my full and adoring and lustful attention. Jees! Another favourite pose...I'm so predictable!

    1. Totally agree on the 5th picture...I was stopped cold by that one. Need to up his game on those posts...let's try something a bit more brief and maybe a nice glossy shine...Stallion for sure!!!

  4. Agree mate..the posers are too baggy and boring. More brief, more colour and as you say, more shine! Low slung too, so as to show off his sexy lower tummy!