Sunday, April 9, 2017

Kuwaiti stud Soliman Alterkait


  1. Wow arabic Behemoth my mouth is watering! Fuck that big chest

  2. Third pic down where he's cranking the abs and thighs and the tan/oil/sweat is dripping down his chest and abs and dangerously nearing the pouch of his posers. Any takers to lick that shit right off his hard monstrous muscle bod?? SLURP!

    Speaking of posers...look at those shiny lime green fuckers! I may have a pair that exact clour in my wardrobe. Ahem. Moving the 4th pic where he's CRANKING that monster most muscular. Face scrunched up, muscle exploding in every direction, fuck yeah! Think that's the cum shot right there!

  3. Too right about cranking one out to the most muscular pose muscle addict! Unfortunately or (fortunately ) a muscle buddy left me a clutch of hot clIps for when I arrived home this afternoon, so out of respect and gratitude, I've just spunked up, so consequently I'm feeling pretty empty at the moment but will definitely pay a returun visit to this Arab musclebull!
    Recently I've been hearing a lot about Kuwaiti bodybuilding and in particular it's where a lot of the professionals seem to be doing residential trainng at Oxygen Gym..the likes of Nathan de Asha, Roelly winklaar, Andy Bell and other big bbs. So, where as Dubai is relying on amazing architecture to bring in the tourist dollar, it seems Kuwait is establishing itself as the destination of choice for roided megamonsters holiday makers. Sounds perfect..where do get the brochure!

    1. Hmmm. That muscle buddy of yours sounds like a right cheeky fucker. Sending you clips of huge, roided, flexing bulls knowing full well the type of the effect it's gonna have on you! Terrible behaviour mate. I'd get rid if I were you.

  4. Os arabes são realmente um tesão a parte uns sacanas o que ele tem que os outros não tem?

  5. O sex appeal árabe é um mistério, um enigma.