Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Ukrainian muscle wolf Vadim Kovalchuk


  1. A double headed post really know how to keep a muscle obsessive happy, especially when they're so big, matured and grisly looking. Take Vadim here, in the third pic down where he's doing an overhead abs and thighs. Well, his bod is good and meaty, big strong ox legs (bet he comes from peasant stock, used to doing heavy work in big fields)! Chunky midsection with great abs and setratus tie ins, ample pecs with a hint of bitch tit and for some reason the armpit area is strangely attracting my attention! Loving the cheeky face and grrr, grr, grisly beard, plus of course the poorly applied slapped on tan to suggest that he doesn't give a shit about that sort of stuff (far too girly). He just wants to FLEX! Im always intrigued by bbs who come from war torn countries and regions, I imagining these guys picking through ruined buildings and avoiding sniper fire on their way to the gym, so they can get on with more impotant stuff like lifting obscenely heavy weights with their muscle buddies, Training in dingy rooms where theres no electric and parts of the wall has gone! Have to admire them...'Live life each day as it comrs' fellas..Well done!

  2. I can't believe only one person has commented on this, thank you UKmusclenut.
    I think Vadim is hot as...
    Totally spunky, symmetrical, with thick dense muscle all over. Loving the facial hair and haircut (add to his hotness)
    Thank you M (Marcelo), I think he looks fantastic. I'd like to see more of him, what a spunk.
    A great muscle discovery

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  4. DAAAAANGGG!! How bloody gorgeous is this lad?? Kinda looks a bit like a guy I used to see (face wise!) in the first pic which is a bit of a head fuck, and kinda makes me wanna get back in touch with him. *Thinks about that for two seconds and remembers why I stopped seeing him*. FUCK THAT!! Back to Vadim! Like UKM I LOVE the abs and thighs shot. He looks particularly gorgeous here - proudly grinning at the camera with an expression like "yeah - I know", as his fuck-off huge biceps bulge either side of his gruff, grizzly head! Kinda wish he'd just give in to the inevitable though and completely shave his head! Then I could give it a good rub in hope that a genie pops up and grants me three wishes. But I only have one - to get my grubby paws on every inch of Vadim's pumped to buggery, muscle packed, gloriously chiseled bod! Woof. Fucking. Woof.