Monday, January 2, 2017

Monsters of 2016 part 4

Chris Bumstead - Canada
Kevin Levrone - USA
Szymon Lada - Poland
Igor Illes - Slovakia
Luke Debono - Malta
Nicolas Vullioud - Switzerland
Rafael Brandão - Brazil
Giampietro Diedhiou - Italy
Earl Abrahams - South Africa
Hyunkin Kim - Korea
Luke Sandoe - UK
Avramis Kyriakou - Cyprus
Christos Pistolas - Greece
Kille Kujala - Finland
Thomas Scheu - Germany
Salah Hussein - Iraq
Cesar Quispe - Peru
Thomas Burianek - Austria
Marijan Lipsinic - Croatia
Sergey Kulaev - Russia
Victor Martinez - Dominican Republic
Italo Ridney - Brazil
Ahmad Ahmad - Sweden
Raed Fuad - Bahrain
Cody Montgomery - USA
Jan Turek - Czech Republic
Ibrahim Fahim - Egypt


  1. Sensacional!
    Parabéns pelo excelente gosto!

  2. You could stop at Chris Bumstead...PERFECTION

  3. Hi MMB. With a blog called 'Worldwide Bodybuilders', it's a bit obvious of me to compliment you on the varied range of nationalities of these superb specimens. It's like the 'United Nations of Muscle' and these super sexy delegates represent the very best of there respective countries. We've got all shapes, sizes and ages..muscle gods, beasts, stallions, dads and lads and more than enough to satisfy all who worship at the alter of rockhard, tanned, lickable, suckable and fuckable muscle! Too varied to mention them all, so here are a few of my favourites. First..Chris B as Greek warrior! I nearly choked on my coffee when I saw this pic. Unbelievably sexy. When putting on that hot costume at the photoshoot, I bet he got so horned up, going off to the toilet every five minutes to do a spot of self-worship and cock tugging! Next..Giampietro D! I know lots of you guys go for black bodybuilders but I'm more of a worshipper of white muscle. However, this particular dark skinned stallion is fucking awesome..humongous sweeping legs, wide wide lats, amazing midsection, sexy tats and handsome as fuck. His shape reminds me of the 80s US bodybuilder, Tony Pearson. Slurp! Next (a duo) Thomas S and Marijan L. Both are the epitome of grainy, hot as fuck experienced Muscle Daddies, who are welcome to visit me any time, day or night to do whatever they fucking like with me, as long as they're fully pumped, tanned and oiled and wearing only prince albert rings on their knobs! Luke D..the amazing new maltese muscle lad on the block..simply gorgeous and a great classic poser. Last but no means least..Iraqi beast Salah H! Absolute fucking jacked muscle roid beast!! I love the distended tortoise shell abs!! I know his nation has been through terrible conflict and strife over the last few years and my heart goes out to the Iraqi people. I wonder though?. Because of this, the control of muscle enhancing drugs is probably not on the government's list of prorities. The result being Iraqi musclemen being able to get every kind of roid and muscle substance imaginable. Popping em in their mouths, injection, patches and shoving them up their musclely bumholes..whatever it takes to get juiced to the max and outrageously fucking huge! Most of them being made in 'clinical labs'..Yeah..whatever!! More like some bloated bodybuilder's Bagdaddy garage! But hey, never mind the risks..look at the fucking results..MUSCLE MONSTERS R US! Love it!!

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    2. "United Nations of Muscle" is a fine description.

    3. Hi eduardo. Have you checked out the ifnb blog yet?

  4. Sergey kulaev the best muscular Bull of this list fuck that Ass! Cesar quispe is very hot bull too is Cesar quispe competing?