Thursday, August 28, 2014

Mr. India Amit Chhetri


  1. HOLY FUCK! Indian bodybuilder at last they are among the most handsome of bodybuilders.I think his asses got bigger and harder in competition. Yow!
    I imagine the flurry of commentary about this guy

  2. Male indians are my fetish so true... how can a man be so handsome and smoking hot??
    indians bodybuilders have beautiful body & face...incredibly well developed quads.
    i want more indians please !!!!!!!!

  3. Amazing body Idians has a hot dark skin ! Yes i admit that i have creamed my pants and jerked off many times for you Amit
    i want a orgy with a lot of muscles indian bulls like him

  4. sou louco por indianos em minha opiniao sao os mais tesudos bodybuilders do mundo pena que não tem sua beleza reconhecida os touros indianos são os melhores puta que pariu!!!!