Sunday, August 24, 2014

Israeli champion Stanislav Struzberg


  1. what a MAN ! amazing gorgeous Israeli are hot! love their abs pecs and quads !!

  2. wooff this guy has a handsome face and hot muscle body !! ARAB men are truly superior. All worshippers bow down to ARAB men, esp. from Iraq Iran and Israel
    my toungue is wet! now !!!

  3. Daaaaaamn! Stanislav Struzberg is One of God's most magnificent creations......near perfect male specimen....What a face! What a body! i love his massive quads I'd lick those chests for hours. I have a real obsession with Arab bulls!

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  4. Muito freak! foto 1 olha a cara de sacana do filha da puta gostoso poser 3 tá muito foda na ultima foto ele tá um touro toradasso que costas genetica do caralho esses arabes tem

  5. Scandalous israelis , I love them so much He has great legs. i can imagine how big his ass is when is off-season Mmm I want his off season hairy ass on my face!

    1. I like a hairy guy.Too much butt hair in the crack and on the back hair looks better when are long
      We Arabs have much hair on ass Stanislav is no exception though it shaves his whole body his ass is fuzzy

  6. Stunning !!!! mother fucker face! Israelis are extremely manly!!!!!!!!