Sunday, August 10, 2014

Dutch champion William Bonac


  1. i love bulls!! William Bonac is my favourite black bull wofff amazing back!

  2. wow! looking Handsome william bonac is a Nubian God!
    I’d love to be licking the bottoms hairy nuts and ass while the top plowed him, then suck his load out of that hairy hole after he shoots

    1. That's a very sexy message.
      Agreed Bonac is pretty hot.

  3. motha fucker!! one of the hottest muscle black today! love black bodybuilders
    filho da puta esse negão é um das melhores bestas musculosas da atualidade mesmo em contest ele consegue ter um volume de massa muito denso imagina esse touro em off!
    eu amo bodybuilder negros

  4. Definitely is THE most beautiful black stud of recent times! Bonac has a gorgeous muscular body with awesome manly legs, a firm bubble but
    pic 3 look at those huge quads
    pic 5 awesome muscle glutes
    it´s a perfect handsome and sexy

  5. this GOD BLACK BULL is gorgeous! his genetics is perfect I'd love to milk him every day and suck their seeds I love all races of bodybuilder bulls in special balck bodybuilders

  6. Damm this man is amazing He has a perfect body! wow Anyone who gets to fuck William and doesn't take advantage of tasting that amazing ass is missing out! Hottest ass ever!

  7. Colossus Black ! the massive male Colossus He looks absolutely amazing in # 3 . I love his rear double biceps.
    I'm Obsessed by black stallions bodybuilders WOW !!!! arab stallions are great too
    nice post !

  8. Yep, he is PERFECT. Perfectly HOT!!!!

  9. un espectáculo de macho ese Chico Grandote! el culturistas negros son parte de la fantasía sexual de los gays estos cabrones son verdaderos búfalos Me encantaria chupar esas pollas y pelotas de buflaos

  10. he´s AMAZING HOT pecs, upper arms, and quads. MAKE MY TONGUE WET