Friday, August 1, 2014

Iranian superman Morteza Mashayekh

with Baitollah Abbaspour


  1. What a gorgeous, beautiful, handsome man Morteza is. Spectacular body, muscles everywhere, huge back and cute little ass in those tights. Awesome pictures, especially first one with Baitollah Abbaspour. I'm so hard right now.

  2. Morteza Mashayekh is hot and beffy bull! fuck who is that other guy with him at pic 1?those Tree Trunk Legs are too attractive

  3. fuck are they twins? Morteza and Baitollah Abbaspour are very similar! that dudes have the most vascular legs ever AAAUUUGGGHHH!!!!! MY EYES MY EYES MY EYES!!!!!
    I love strong legs vascularized

  4. fuck 2 Iranian horny studs ! Morteza has huge quads and backs
    yes man arabic men are too sexy but i want to see nordic bodybuilders the most handsome men of the world