Sunday, May 20, 2018

Gods and monsters at the 2018 NY Pro

Nathan De Asha (Open Winner)

Rafael Brandão

Shaun Clarida (212 winner)

Steve Benthin

Zane Watson
Ahmad Ahmad

Ahmad El Wardany

Akim Williams

Anthoneil Champagnie

Brad Rowie

Eddie Braccamontes

Edward Papiro

Erik Martinez

Erik Ramirez

Errol Moore

Eslam Mohammed

John Jewett

Jonathan De La Rosa

Josh Wade

Juan Morel

Justin Rodriguez

Kerrith Bajjo

Lionel Beyeke

Mahmood Al Durah

Max Charles

Milan Sadek


  1. Nathan de asha Ahmad Ahmad. Eddie bracamontes Justin Rodriguez e Brad Rowe são os mais Tesudos dessa lista especialmente Brad Rowe adoro loiros depois vem o garanhao árabe Ahmad Ahmad o Justin Rodriguez Que moleque gostoso mais gostosso que o Natan Marcelo putz!

  2. OK, can we just talk about this bodybuilding thing here for a minute? So, these guys pump themselves up to obscene proportions, then they get what's known as "shredded" so their skin is all thin and their muscles are covered in lines, then when they barely look like human fucking beings anymore, they slap a load of tan on, climb into those shiny, little clothing garments known as "posing trunks" and get on stage to show their huge, freaky slabs of vein splattered muscle mass while pulling a load of cheeky/arrogant facial expressions? It's obscene, it's outrageous, it's completely fucking bonkers, it's down right fucking nasty and can someone explain to me why my boxers are suddenly wet?

    1. I can tell you why....cause like me and many other fans, you’re turned on by the obscene amount of work and drugs it takes to make these worship worthy meatheads.i wish I could have been there to witness the grunting as they hit every pose. Sweat rolling down their massive bodies. As they witness the faces of their fans adoration...feeling their own sexual energy swelling in those tiny posers...fuuccckkk I wish I was my man panties are rather moist as well...f

    2. And mine are even more so now after reading that comment! FUCK! Definitely reckon there was a few huffs, puffs, grunts and groans going on on that stage. Maybe a few grizzly growls too for good measure. Grrrrr! (Just like that.) There's no way that crab most muscular from Brad Rowe was soundless for a start! Look at him go! Traps practically touching his earrings, veins erupting everywhere, big, shiny, purple bulge glistening away. Fuck yeah!

    3. Fuck Muscleaddict my Dick is so wet i Love these Roid beasts .
      .fuck you

    4. We all go crazy for them and they all have a price for the rich guy after the show who gets to meet them in a discreet hotel room, peel off the posers now all dirty with protan and sweat. Then as they pose lick the sweat as it runs over their balls.

    5. We all go crazy for them and they all have a price for the rich guy after the show who gets to meet them in a discreet hotel room, peel off the posers now all dirty with protan and sweat. Then as they pose lick the sweat as it runs over their balls.

  3. Eddie Braccamontes Ahmad Ahmad
    Nathan deAsha e Jonathan Delarosa gostosos pra caralho só touro e cavalo tesudos queria a picona de cavalo do Nathan que é enorme e a bundona do Delarosa puta que pariu!

  4. Rafael Brandão, o mais tesudo!

  5. Bleedin ell!!..Anonymous F and Muscleaddict! Two of my most favouritist commenters goin daft, one after the other and back again! Obviously, there must be something good going on. Fuckin ell yesss! A cavalcade of Slabbed up beef, shredded beyond belief and veined to the max! Sexy tiny posers and loads of arrogant man tood! Even though I'm 3000 miles away, on the other side of the mighty Atlantic Ocean, i can smell the test from here! They are all gods but I'm having a bit of a Zane Watson obsession at the moment! And yes MA, 'obscene' with brass fuckin knobs on is the only word to describe this young muscle bull! Have you noticed that his physique and indeed even his phyzog is looking scarily other worldly, juiced to the hilt and pretty damn inhuman....and....I fuckin love it! SPLAT, SPLAT, FUCKIN SPLAT!!!!!!!

    1. Hey guys, I have to call about a few bb’s here whom I think deserve some special attention. Shaun Clarida, ZANE WATSON, Brad Rowe, John Jewett, and Milan Sadek. These gentleman have really stepped up their game and really put on some heave beef. God bless the creator of roads...which has helped them achieve the greatness we all admire.
      Each one deserves and worship altar dedicated to there u inquest physiques and the work it takes to achieve such greatness. We are the lucky benefactors of all that hard work as e enjoy the fruits of their labor.
      Boys, keep roiling, keep lifting, keep grunting, keep posing, and make sure those posers are very tight and very shiny. F

    2. I fucked this up...god bless the creator of ROIDS.
      Alter dedicated to their unique physiques.

    3. Well, funnily enough, UKmusclenut, you and Anonymous F are two of my favourite commenters here too! Who would've ever guessed!? Hehe! Completely agree on the Zane front! I've been following him on Instagram and fuck ME, he's just been looking nuts in the lead up to this show! Shredded to shit and nasty as HELL, with all those crazy veins snaking all over him, and those gorgeous shaped, blocky abs! Doesn't exactly hurt that he's a handsome fella either! And anyone who knows will know much I love Milan, who rocked up wearing the SHINIEST red trunks I think I've ever bleedin' seen (sunglasses at the ready, lads!) and, of course, Nathan De Asha, whose spectacular and jaw dropping physique just oozes class and character! Whatever the bodybuilding version of "The X Factor" is, he's fucking got it! But I also have to give mention to a lad who might not be the most obvious of choices for me to point out. A lad who, for whatever reason, just does "something" to me, and that's the guy who beat Zane to the 212 trophy...Shaun Clarida! Fucking HELL guys! I just...he just...FUCK!! The insanely cocky 'tude, that lil' pocket rocket of a muscle bod, all thick, and shredded, and just plain nasty. Especially loving the gorgeous lil abs which pop through his belly and the big, nasty, juicy bum which blows out of his shiny posers. He's not the best looking guy, he's certainly not the biggest guy, but the lad just drives me NUTS! And I don't give a shit wether anyone agrees with me. It just means I get him all to myself! All 4 foot and two hundred pounds of him!

    4. John Jewett caught my eye in a special way...not the biggest, most handsome or muscular but there’s just something. We all recognize that special attraction when we see it. Though there’s something special about each of these guys.,,f

  6. Just imagine after the show the open winner (Nathan De Asha in this case) gets to choose one of the guys to jerk off with and to blow him. 2018 it was Brad Rowe. Brad got down on his knees, sucked Nathan's dick good and hard with Nathan posing the whole time. Nathan shot a load all over brad's face. Brad gets to his feet, Nathan pulls Brad to him, licks all the cum off of Brad's face and then feeds it to him with his tounge.Its called bodybuilders relish.

    1. After reading that I have to go blow a load...thanks I needed that today...f

    2. Well guys looks looks like Mr Jordan is a new member of the writing group. Excellent written review...makes me want to blow some more spunk today. Love your scenario MJ if only it were possible win a contest and the get the pick of the litter to be your personal prize...often a fantasy of mine. F

  7. Brad Rowie é o mais gato desses aí depois vem o Nathan de asha e o Ahmad Ahmad e vc Marcelo quais os mais tesudos?

    1. Humm to ligado na sua gosta de daddy careca e barbudo ne safado